Animals In Captivity: Humanity’s Way Of Determining Natural Selection

The news of Copenhagen’s Zoo publicly executing a healthy giraffe, dismembering it, and then feeding it to the lions has sparked outrage among the public within the past several days. The zoo said they had no other choice, as it was required by the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), which informed the zoo that the giraffe, Marius, was [...]

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5 Weird Things People are Actually Addicted Too

Addiction is a battle that nobody is exempt from fighting. It has the potential to touch nearly any aspect of your life, usually with unfavorable consequences. What we want to discuss today aren’t the type of habits that normally pop into your mind when you hear the word addiction. Not a man smoking a cigarette, a family mowing on fast [...]

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Inspirational stories of survival under extreme conditions

In "Life of Pi", Pi managed to survive at sea for 227 days after a shipwreck. For most of us, the idea of finding ourselves lost on a deserted island or at sea without water, cell phones, laptop or food is unimaginable. However, every now and then we hear about unfathomable stories of people who find the strength and the [...]

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Dolphins Slaughtered!

WARNING: This article contains graphic content in regards to the slaughtering of dolphins in Japan. It may be unsettling news to some, but it deserves more media attention than it is receiving. Ever since humans could see dolphins curving up out of the water we have had an obsession with the animals. Their majestic and peaceful nature made them loveable [...]

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5 Surprisingly Deadly Cute Animals

Ever since cats took over the internet, it has become far less taboo for one to indulge in adorable animals. There are plenty of seemingly innocent animals roaming the pages of the web and in our homes as domestic companions that require only a minutes sacrifice of manliness to enjoy. But what if I told you that you didn’t have [...]

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How to Cure the January Blues

With such great highs at the end of each year it is no wonder that people go through such depressing lows at the beginning of the next one. Coming out of the holiday season and New Years, a lot of people experience a big shift in emotions during January. After the excitement boils down we are left to consider the [...]

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The lies about Global warming

Over the last century, humankind has had to deal with several natural disaster scares, from population explosion and global starvation to depleting natural resources and Ice Age. However, nothing has been able to consume our attention as much as global warming. What scientists are telling us about global warming An increase of one or more degrees Celsius in one or [...]

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London’s SkyCycle Program Innovates Bike Travel

There is almost no headache bigger than the one that comes from commuting to work. The streets are congested when you’re late, if you take a train it gets crowded and dirty, and it seems like there is never enough coffee to get you through all the madness. Many people have turned to biking as a clean and stress free [...]

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The Blackfish Documentary: A Look at SeaWorld Corruption

When you were younger, SeaWorld might have seemed like a magical place. They have a variety of aquatic species that perform jaw-dropping stunts with a team of trainers. A trademark animal for the park has always been the killer whale, but there is a shocking truth behind the containment of these animals. The Blackfish movie is a popular trending documentary [...]

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Memoirs of a Time Lapse Photographer

Documenting our lives has become a part of who we are as people. When we walk down the street and see something that sparks our interest, we take a quick photograph and automatically decide which social media it should be shared with. That moment means something to us, however, the process of capturing time becomes unappreciated and undervalued. Sometimes we [...]

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