Traveling Across Norway in 15 Photos

Whenever you come across an article with a title like ‘the most beautiful landscapes in the world’ or ‘top 10 greatest road trips’, chances are that Norway is on that list as well. If it’s not, then it probably should be. Norway has more than 25,000km of coastline, roughly half of which is located north of the Arctic Circle. Northern Norway [...]

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7 Lessons every traveler should learn

The way you travel is something very personal, but whether you prefer budget travel, luxurious resorts, city trips or two-week hiking trips, there are some lessons every traveler should learn.   1. However different, everyone’s the same When you are traveling the world you will often notice how different a culture can be from your own. The food might taste [...]

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10 Most expensive Cities to live in

Whether you're trying to save money for a financial goal or simply feeling the pinch, it will probably not be a good idea to live in any of the cities mentioned in this list. According to the Mercer's Cost of Living Survey 2013, these 10 cities are currently the most expensive to live in: 10. Sydney, Australia One of the [...]

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Top 10 holiday destinations relatively untouched by commercialisation

With a population of around 7 billion, finding a holiday destination that is relatively pristine, untouched and unspoiled is not an easy task. While civilisation can be found in almost every little corner of the world, there are still a few places left that are still untouched by commercialisation. 10. Corn Island, Nicaragua Corn Island in Nicaragua is a lush [...]

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Tourists Flocking To Cuba

The Caribbean’s largest island, the Republic of Cuba, has initiated a number of far reaching economic reforms designed to improve the country’s economy and appeal to international travellers. Tourists are responding with enthusiasm to the spectacular weather, the vibrant Cuban culture and an economy on the mend. Through November, 2,546,851 foreign tourists had visited Cube in 2013. In November 234,266 [...]

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