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Planning For Senior Living Transition

Ageing is about change. When today’s baby boomer generation grew up, the average life expectancy in the US was just over 60 years old. Our senior population enjoys better health and is more knowledgeable about health than any previous generation. This has helped the generation set new records and establish new standards for longevity and senior lifestyle. Along with that [...]

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Elderly drivers – When to take the keys away

You know the day will come. Your parents know the day will come. But, even with wisdom, logic and experience on your side, the day you have to formally insist that you parents never drive again, is a sad and emotional milestone. AARP, the national senior citizens organization, reports that in year 2000, 10 percent of American drivers were 70 [...]

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Which Leader Is Worth More? Jamie Dimon vs. Clayton Kershaw

Some of the most interesting baseball and life observations were made by Yankee Hall of Fame Catcher, Yogi Berra. A few of Yogi’s more memorable quotes are: “When you get to a fork in the road, take it.” “Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.” “You wouldn’t have won if we had beaten you.” Yes, Yogi is [...]

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Heart Transplantation, Fitness And Diabetes

One of the unfortunate possibilities of heart transplantation is becoming a steroid induced diabetic. As a Type II diabetic, lifestyle change is mandatory. And, we are not just talking about diet change. My post-transplant diabetes aggressively attacked my nervous system and my muscle system, two pretty unnerving consequences. Since the transplant, I have gained great sympathy for persons who live [...]

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Obama Walks NSA Tightrope

On Friday January 17, 2014, President Obama announced reforms to the NSA’s surveillance program. In the speech made at the US Department of Justice, the President acknowledged the government “must maintain the trust of the American people,” but, in the US, there is great divide as to what constitutes the best policy. Conservatives tend to lean heavily toward robust intelligence [...]

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Gambling: Crossing The Line Between Recreational And Addiction

With the NFL playoff games this weekend and with the upcoming Super Bowl on the minds of most Americans, making a friendly wager comes to mind. We will buy boxes, bet on our favorite teams and follow these terrific games with increased interest. There will be office pools and boxes at local pubs. It is hard to imagine the Super [...]

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Fitness After My Heart Transplant

On November 2, 2009, I received the gift of life courtesy of a generous donor and the very accomplished heart transplant team at Tampa General Hospital. Last month, my four-year annual review was spectacularly smooth. My wonderfully new, 26-year old heart is about one-third the size of my diseased heart. Every day, I think about the courageous young male donor, [...]

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UK Stay Or Exit The EU

As the 2014 elections come closer, the debate about the UK’s status as an EU member will certainly come to the fore. Along with immigration, the UK-EU debate is likely to become a central issue once again. Last May, Tory MPs rallied behind former defence secretary Michael Portillo in calling for the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. [...]

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Immigration Reform Necessary

Immigration reform is a hot topic in the US and in the UK. Were it not for the controversy over Obamacare and the gridlock that characterises Washington, immigration reform would be at the top of the country’s political slate. Immigration reform will probably not get the attention of Congress until after the 2014 elections but it is very much on [...]

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Strong Private Sector Job Growth Moves Dollar

A strong private ADP National Employment Report for December indicates more good news from US employers, workers and the economy. The report, which does not include public sector data that is included in December’s non-farm payroll report from the Department of Labor, indicates 238,000 new jobs created in December. Additionally, the November report was revised from 215,000, as initially reported, [...]

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