With a population of around 7 billion, finding a holiday destination that is relatively pristine, untouched and unspoiled is not an easy task. While civilisation can be found in almost every little corner of the world, there are still a few places left that are still untouched by commercialisation.

10. Corn Island, Nicaragua

Corn Island in Nicaragua is a lush tropical paradise with coral reefs and pristine beaches. It is not yet discovered by hordes of travellers and free from the trappings of commercialisation that comes with it. Here you’ll find no malls, luxury resorts or cruise ships but a low-key, dreamy island where you can enjoy the sun, sand and water.



9. Leiden, Netherlands

Finding a spot in Europe that isn’t yet run over by tourists is close to a miracle but Leiden in Netherlands has managed to remain hidden even after all these years. This little town is like a picture in a fairy tale with its beautiful canals, many windmills, ancient buildings and colorful houses that will instantly bring a smile to your face. Explore Leiden at your own pace, whether you spend hours enjoying pastries and coffee at one of the quaint cafes or discover the unique culture and history of the area.


8. Bhutan

Bhutan manages to remain clean, quiet and unpolluted even though it is home to some of the most gorgeous destinations in the world. Over 60% of the area in Bhutan is covered with forest and much of it is protected by national parks. Featuring valleys and rugged Himalayan Mountains, Bhutan has a lot of biodiversity but is still not a mainstream travel destination.



7. Papua New Guinea

One of the wildest, most rural and most unexplored places on earth is Papua New Guinea. The vast jungles are home to a wealth of undiscovered animals and plant species while the rugged terrain is so challenging that not much human infrastructure can be developed.


Papua New Guinea

6. Atacama Desert, Chile

Chile’s Atacama Desert does not receive a single drop of rain. Spread over 40,000 square miles, the desert is known for its very weird landscape covered with lava, sand and salt. Atacama Desert is located on a very high altitude, has dry air, no radio interference, pollution and has no cloud cover. It is lifeless, untouched and an excellent place for astronomical observations.



5. Daintree National Park, Australia

Located in North Queensland in Australia, the Daintree National Park is one of the world’s oldest ecosystems as old as 110 million years. This rainforest is lush, wild and home to an incredibly diverse range of plant species. Many of the trees in the national park are over 2,500 years old.



4. Fiordland, New Zealand

Fiordland on the western coast of New Zealand has high, rugged mountains, wild waters and no human development. There has never been a permanent population in this area since the Maoris only visited here to fish and hunt.


3. Kiribati, Micronesia

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Kiribati is made up of 33 islands. Only 21 of these islands are inhabited and the archipelago is the largest protected marine reserve in the world. Featuring sandy white beaches, clear waters, coconut trees and abundant marine life, it is one of the last remaining untouched archipelagos in the world today.


2. Galapagos Islands

Although the Galapagos Islands have attracted a fair number of travelers in the recent years, this archipelago is still pristine and mostly wild and untamed. Other than the strange landscape of the islands, you’ll find large iguanas, whales, giant tortoises, sea lions and hundreds of other species of animals and plants here.


1. The Antarctic

Antarctica is the only continent in the world where humans have never settled. This untouched destination is covered with a layer of mile thick ice and therefore is uninhabitable. However, Antarctica is incredibly beautiful with large glaciers, icebergs and a lot of wildlife, including seabirds, seals, whales and penguins.



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