Crime has infiltrated its way to every part of our society today in small towns as well as large cities. We rely upon our society’s heroes, cops, to ensure the streets are safe. But what happens when law enforcement officers are the ones committing crimes? Here are 4 such cases that make us wonder who we should be more afraid of, the criminals or the cops:

Officer Jennifer Green

Officer Jennifer Green was a 5 year veteran with the D.C. police who was charged for theft after the internal affairs pulled a sting operation on her. Internal affairs used an informant with an assault case for the operation. Green met the informant to discuss an apartment that contained a large amount of drugs and money. Green told her informant that she could use the money. The informant entered the apartment and handed over $1050 to her and she gladly accepted the money.

Officers Jonathan Cantrell and Gregory Moore

Shannon Kanda was severely beaten up twice on a single night. The first attack left her with mild bruises. When she called in the cops, Officers Jonathan Cantrell and Gregory Moore banged her head against a metal staircase, leaving her with a broken skull that required reconstructive surgery. When Kanda filed a complaint, the officers instead sued her for attacking two police officers. According to them, they feared their safety and were threatened by the traumatized, drunk woman who allegedly tried to attack the two highly trained, armed police officers.

Sheriff Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan was one of the top sheriffs in the country. When he retired after 30 years of service in 2002, the county named the local jail after him. Unfortunately, retirement didn’t suit Sullivan. In 2012, he was videotaped during a sting operation that showed the former sheriff trying to trade meth in exchange of sex with an informant. Sullivan was sent to the Patrick Sullivan Correctional Facility. The county has renamed the jail since then.

Detectives Lou Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa

Lou Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa were detectives with the NYPD Mafia Task Force who loved to fight crime. They were Mafia Task Force agents by day and mafia hit men by night. The pair carried out more than 8 hits for Anthony Casso, a known gangster. They used their NYPD cars to pull over their victims for a routine traffic stop and carried out their hits. In fact, Eppolito also wrote a book “Mafia Cop: The story of an honest cop whose family was the mob” that eventually set the wheels in motion and led to his arrest.

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