What would you do? Life presents us with difficult situations on a daily basis. WWYD episodes reveal what most people do when they are presented with such situations with the help of hidden cameras. The results can be quite surprising at times. Sometimes people simply walk away and ignore the problem but some people stand up and do the right thing. These are our top 5 heartwarming WWYD episodes that show us that humanity still exists:

5. The Dog Thief

We live in a society where we love our pets as much as our family members. But how much do we really love them? What would you do if you saw someone trying to steal a stranger’s pup? Surprisingly, most people will speak up and stop the thief even if they had to be stern.


4. Thin-Crazy Mom

Obesity in children is a serious problem in our country today but how far should a mother go to ensure her child is healthy? Raising healthy children is one thing but constantly criticising them for their looks and weight is going too far. Watch what happens when a mother controls what her 9 year old daughter can and cannot eat because of her weight.


3. Un-accepting Father of a Transgender Child

What would you do if you are caught in the midst of a complicated family situation involving a transgender child and a father who is opposed to it? This episode shows that people of all age groups are actually willing to get involved even in a messy family situation and speak up. They’re quick to dispense some very compassionate and compelling advice.

2. Standing Up to the Bullies

Standing up to bullies requires a lot of courage. It also requires the support of others. While some people are willing to turn a deaf ear, others can be very vocal and are willing to stand up against these bullies. If there were more people like the ones shown in this video, bullying wouldn’t be such a big problem. 

1. Single Mother Can’t Afford Food For Her Kids

This video restores our faith in humanity and shows that good people can still be found in every part of the world. It shows a single mother who can’t afford to pay for groceries for her kids. It’s heartwarming to see how many people are willing to chip in and help someone out in hard times.


Priyanka Trivedi

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