Many pensioners decide to join the workforce once again because of personal and financial reasons. The number of employment options available to retirees is growing recently. There are a wide variety of companies in almost every industry that hire seniors today, from New York Life Insurance to McDonalds. The AARP’s list of “Best Employers for Workers Over 50” for 2013 provides a list of employers from aerospace, federal government, construction, financial services, universities, heath care and for profit sectors that offer excellent opportunities to its older employees. Given below are 5 companies that we picked from that list that hire pensioners:

1. NIH

The National Institute of Health holds a job fair for those over 50 each year. It also stays in touch with recent retirees to let them know about their job openings. NIH also works with other organizations like Peace Corps, local university and college alumni associations, professional membership organizations and community veterans’ agencies to recruit seniors.

2. Scripps Health

Scripps posts its available positions for over 50 workers on many career websites like and It also works with senior placement agencies to find retirees. The company’s Scripps Alumni Program is used to hire experienced former employees back into the workforce.

3. MD Anderson

The MD Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas also hires retirees regularly. It works with senior placement agencies and also recruits retirees from state organizations, law enforcement agencies and the military. Retirees also receive free prescription and medical premiums, additional insurance and many other benefits.

4. Bon Secours Virginia

The company hosts various employment events for seniors to find retirees for its workforce. Employees that work with the company more than 32 hours can participate in the phased retirement program that allows them to get rehired while keeping their retirement funds intact. Retirees between the age of 65 and 69 can also maintain all pension benefits if they do not work over 24 hours a week.

5. Greater Rochester YMCA

The YMCA works with Lifespan to help retirees and seniors find jobs. It communicates with retirees regularly and invites them to workshops and events. Retirees can find part time, full time, telecommuting, contract or consulting and temporary assignment opportunities at the Greater Rochester YMCA.

We would really like to see that list grow. The current culture seems to have the mindset that younger is better – we beg to differ and think that expertise of all age groups can make positive contributions to society and in the workplace. So come on companies, let’s make it happen!


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