Our cultures love and fear the unknown. Mystical magic tricks and supernatural phenomena give us both sparks of enjoyment and skepticism. You might think that magicians and illusionists are the pioneers for misguiding the public with trickery. James Randi stands in blatant contrast to that stereotype.

James is very popular for his career as an escape artist and a performing magician but this article is going to cover a different path of his life. James has dedicated himself as an investigator to debunking the supernatural myths that people are fooled into believing. He scours the globe for different pseudoscientific instances and breaks them down to show the general public the truth behind the matter. He offers a large cash prize to anyone that can prove him wrong and shoots them down one by one using solid logic.  This list will chronicle 5 of James Randi’s biggest dubunkings and discuss their impact on society.

Psychic Surgery

The concept of psychic surgery is most certainly a skeptical one. Apparently people claiming to have psychic powers try treating people using only their hands. They mock incisions, pretend to remove certain negative ailments, and spontaneously heal patients.

Despite the obscure nature of this practice, many people have believed it to be true and failed to see the showmanship behind it.  Randi jumped right on to the subject and conducted hands on research to figure out what exactly these “miracle healers” were doing. What he found was that the self proclaimed doctors were using sleight of hand tricks common amongst many magicians. The matter they “remove” from the patients usually consists of clotted blood and different kinds of animal tissue.


Essentially psychometry is the ability to use material possessions and appearance to figure out unknown information about a person. There are many people that claim to have incredible abilities to read the history of objects and their owners through psychic ability.

In this video, Randi investigates a person claiming that they can use photo psychometry to determine whether or not someone is alive or dead. He claims that the woman simply used observations of style, time, and aspects of the photograph to do this. As the video shows, she fails to do so and doesn’t get to collect Randi’s prize money.


Telekinesis is the ability to move things around you using only your mind and radiating energy. It has appeared in countless comic books and films but a few people have actually claimed to possess the abilities in real life. James Hydrick was one of the most notable of these tricksters. In the 80’s Hydrick used clever tricks to cultivate a large following whom believed he had and could use telekinetic powers. Randi invited him to a televised screening where he exposed the manipulation of the environment around him to turn the pages of a book. I would suggest only skimming through the video as it is pretty long and the guy clearly doesn’t posses telekinesis OR a sense of fashion.


Transference of Thoughts

There are some people that claim they can use psychic abilities to manipulate human thought. Apparently their abilities allow them to use brain waves to detect thoughts and implant their own into someone else’s mind. Randi can’t read minds, but I’m pretty sure he was detecting BS on this one.

Randi doesn’t buy it however, and puts the claims to the test. He confronts a man wielding a “psychic device” and debunks the practice on live television. When Randi asks if he would allow electricians to investigate the device the man stubbornly refuses.

Faith Healing

Now tackling religion can be a controversial issue. But when it comes to faith healers claiming to have God-given powers, I certainly don’t mind. These people make outrageous claims that they can miraculously heal for their own selfish gain.

Thanks to James Randi, this area got a much needed debunking. He shows that the healers are simply playing off of the gullibility of the masses and using clever and emotional rhetoric to make profits. Peter Popoff, the man Randi debunked, went from making an excess of $4 million a year to filing for bankruptcy.

What do you think about 5 of Randi’s biggest debunkings? Are there any claims you would like to see him debunk? Share your thoughts with a comment below!

Image Credits: enterlinedesign/BigStock.com