There’s no doubt that the dating scene in our culture has changed a lot compared to older generations. Chilvary used to be a coat over a puddle, now it’s more like a poke on Facebook.

Our connectivity with technology and social media has transformed the way we communicate. It seems that your best chance in getting hooked up with someone in this culture is being reincarnated as an iPhone…

What’s So Bad About Millennial Dating?

The images of happy couples in the media has reduced the starting age for dating and kids are experimenting with serious relationships before they are mentally mature and prepared for them. I’m not trying to say that young love is something shameful, but it will often bring about drama and hurt their quality of life if the kids aren’t ready for the commitment.


There is also the fact that our social skills are actually taking a hit thanks to the technology we are so immersed in. Nowadays it’s commonplace to see young adults in public walking with their smart phones and tablets in front of them. Before texting and the internet became popular, youth had to rely and build on their communication skills if they wanted to form relationships. Now it’s as easy as a few clicks on Facebook or a short text message.

Tips for Finding a Great Millennial Relationship

Finding a relationship isn’t the toughest part of our culture, it’s finding a significant one that makes you happy that matters. You don’t have to abandon all hope, but you do have to realize that a great relationship doesn’t always just fall out of the sky and into your lap. You’ve got to work for it.

1.     Ditch the Fear

One of the main reasons people fail to form lasting bonds is because they never open themselves up to the opportunity. Social anxiety is a surprisingly common thing amongst millennials and fear of rejection keeps them from establishing meaningful bonds with others. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen if you talk to that person? They might be stuck inside the same shy bubble as you, eagerly waiting for someone to pop them out.

2.     Approach it the Right Way

The era of cheesy pickup lines and cat calls is over with. When you are meeting new people, you should never come off as someone trying to pick up a date. Your mindset should be focused on making new friends first. People appreciate when you simply want friendly conversation rather than full on flirting. Once you have established a few friendly bonds, you will eventually find someone worth getting closer too.

3.     Slow Down!

Do you know anybody on Facebook who seems to have a new relationship status every time the sun rises? Way too many people rush into fully committed relationships without really getting to know the other person first. Who says you can’t take someone on a few dates without making it official? It’s natural to test the water before you jump in.

4.     Internet Dating

Why not use the connected world to your advantage? It might seem like an outlet for catfishing and old people but in reality many dating sites are fairly reliable and produce real results. Try one that narrows your options down based off your personality and interests and you may be surprised to find that a lot of people just like you are looking for meaningful bonds. 1/5 of modern marriages are actually between people who have met online.

5.     Just Be Yourself

This might sound cliché but there is no better way to find a strong relationship than simply doing what you enjoy. If you love coffee, go to a nice café. If you ski often, keep going to that mountain. If you like music, start seeing some more local shows. It won’t happen right away but eventually you will find someone with similar interests. Just make sure you follow numbers 1-3 and you will eventually make a connection!

What is your best advice for millennial dating? Has social media affected the quality of relationships? Share your thoughts with a comment below!

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