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Google X – Secret Robotics Lab

Over the past few months, we have seen a steady push by Google into the robotics arena. Their top secret, 'area 51' arm, Google X, which is just a stones throw from their GooglePlex corporate headquarters in Northern California has been known to push the boundaries in technology and is responsible for state of the art innovations such as driverless [...]

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5 Windows 8 Vulnerabilities We Should All Know About

1. Picture Passwords Are Easily Cracked Windows 8 has introduced a new picture based authentication process. The way it works is that you draw 3 points on an image of your choice to log in; similar to Android’s swipe lock screen. This was supposed to be a significant improvement over Android’s version because it supports 3 random points chosen by [...]

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10 Time Saving Gadgets You Shouldn’t Be Without

1. Livescribe 3 smartpen The pen that turns your physical notes into digital ones on the fly. It features handwriting recognition, so as you write on paper, you will see the mobile app write the same text on screen. Another nifty little feature is the audio record function. Your notes will be rich with material as you can replay your [...]

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