This Week in Amazing: Futuristic Transportation That Exists Now

In this week in amazing we will be discussing the the innovation in transportation that is happening as you read this. Feel free to drop us a note about something worthy that we may have missed! Wind the clock back a few hundred years and first thing you might notice is the stench of horse faeces and the absence of [...]

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U.S. Drone Strikes: Should Terrorism Suspects be given a Fair Trial?

"They say Lewis Carol is fiction," Senator Rand Paul begins his filibuster, opposing drone strikes on American soil. "Alice never fell down a rabbit hole, and the White Queen's caustic judgements are not really a threat to your security. Has America the beautiful become Alice's wonderland?" Paul proceeds with a dialogue excerpt from classic literature, ending with embellishment: "No no!" [...]

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This Week in Amazing: SONY’s Personal Hallucination Console

Welcome to the first instalment in a series of articles on Strong Whispers called “This Week in Amazing”! Each week we will explore fascinating concepts and developments in our ever-changing world. Feel free to share this info and if you would like to suggest something totally AMAZING, drop us a comment at the end of this article. We will be sure to [...]

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Why Gamers make Great Innovators

The stereotype of what constitutes today’s average gamer is certainly less than flattering, as gamers are usually portrayed by the film and television industries in two different manners; ridiculously obsessive compulsive anti-social shut-ins or aggressive “bro gamers” who love to sling racial slurs and jokes about your mom over their headset while they teabag you in some military-esque shooter. It [...]

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3 Amazing New Uses for Airbag Technology

The airbag is a safety device that can be held accountable for saving thousands of lives. Since it was announced for commercial use in automobiles in the 1970s, safety experts have continually worked on improving the design and functionality of the bags. Now they come standard in nearly every single car on the road. The following airbags go beyond the [...]

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The Hitchhikers Guide to Website Translation

What is the most compelling reason to translate your website into multiple languages? Two words… global reach. It is common knowledge that no language has 100% Internet penetration rate. English, the de facto language of commerce, is understood by less than 28% of Internet users. It follows, then, that an English language site is useless to approximately three quarters of [...]

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Tech-Savvy: 8 Tech Blogs You Should Be Reading

With so many tech blogs available on the Web today, it’s easy to get lost in numerous sites that you can’t tell one from another. While there are many tech blogs available, there are only a few that provide the daily news you want to read. We have sorted through the massive list, and have 8 tech blogs to recommend [...]

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Sexism and Women in Gaming

The depiction of women in video games and the issue of sexism within the gaming industry is certainly not a new topic, but it is always in need of being addressed. It has been over a year and a half since Anita Sarkeesian first posted her Kickstarter for Tropes vs Women in Video Games, with the community responding with nothing [...]

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  • Google X

Google X – Secret Robotics Lab

Over the past few months, we have seen a steady push by Google into the robotics arena. Their top secret, 'area 51' arm, Google X, which is just a stones throw from their GooglePlex corporate headquarters in Northern California has been known to push the boundaries in technology and is responsible for state of the art innovations such as driverless [...]

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Simple Websites Make Money

The look and feel of the internet has evolved immensely since the first www pages came into existence. Companies have strived to improve user interfaces and overall user experiences by introducing, flashy, creative, feature rich websites that give it a bit of a wow factor. And that is good, surfers love wow. But in actual fact, it's the unsuspectingly simple [...]

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