What Have You Done With Your Life?

One of the beautiful things about life is the fact that you are in complete control of it. Society may try and convince you that you have to go a certain direction, live a specific life, and strive for universal goals. In reality, we are all the captains of our own ships.

Consider your life a blank canvas and your decisions a paintbrush. The choices you make build on your story in a particular way. When you reach the end of your journey, what do you want your painting to look like? If you follow the path that our culture programs the masses to follow, it is going to look a lot like everybody else’s paintings.

Make Your Own Story

Doing extraordinary things with your life is a lot like dipping your paintbrush into a vibrant color. You will give your painting a beautiful unique touch and look back on it with pride. There are thousands of things out there that you could add to your bucket list to make your life story more interesting. The list below will chronicle a few different places for you to go, things for you to see, and activities for you to try out before you “Kick the Bucket”.

Climb to Machu Picchu

High up in the mountains of Peru lays this amazing piece of history. The Inca site is over 500 years old and many people flock to it every year to enjoy the serene beauty and peacefulness it has to offer. You’ll never know how truly breathtaking it is until you have journeyed to the lost city.


Run a Marathon

Plenty of lazy people might skim over this section but actually committing yourself to such a serious achievement is totally worth it. There are no excuses since virtually anybody can improve themselves enough to run one. The feeling of accomplishment afterwards is nearly indescribable.


Learn a New Language

I know you may be thinking that learning is boring. Teaching yourself a new language however has become extremely easy and fun thanks to free tools on the internet. In only a few months you’ll be surprised at how far you have gotten. Once you have it mastered it could open the door for some interesting travel options.


Try Some Snake Wine

A lot of people like to brag about all the fancy wines they have tried and owned in their life. If you want to really set yourself apart from the crowd why not try snake wine? This delicacy in South-East Asia includes bottling snakes in alcohol and letting them soak. It may sound gross but at least you can say you tried it.


Eat Some Octopus

While we are on the subject of bizarre edibles, why not cover some food too? There are a ton of Asian dishes that include octopus, some of which are still moving when they are served! People claim that it is actually a lot tastier than you may think. You can’t say you are a true seafood fan until you have tried this famous dish.


Become the Crocodile Hunter

There is an attraction in Australia that is growing in popularity called the Cage of Death. You immerse yourself underwater surrounded by only a few inches of Perspex glass. You can go in solo or with a partner and look some of the biggest crocodiles Australia has to offer right in the eyes for more than 15 minutes.


Learn a New Instrument

No, we don’t mean pick up a guitar and learn the four basic chords to every pop song ever. If you already know an instrument, find an exotic one that is completely foreign to your skillset. It has been said that music is one of the best ways for you to express yourself spiritually and build on your creativity.


Spend a Week in Nicaragua

When you think about vacations, the financial burden usually keeps them from becoming a reality. This Central American destination however is only a fraction of the price of a normal vacation and has a ton of awesome things for you to do and see. The beautiful jungles, long beaches, and amazing ruins are just a few of the jaw dropping sites it has to offer. A luxurious hotel is about the same cost as a standard motel and a single unit of your currency will get you a lot further than you may think.


Do an Eating Challenge

If you watch any food channels chances are you have seen one of the shows revolving around absurd food challenges around the world. Restaurants everywhere have made their own unique challenges that test your stomach and ability to put up with spicy foods. The best thing about this option is the availability. Try searching for challenges in your area, you may be surprised to see how close they are.



These are of course just a few of the many options you can pick to add to your bucket list. Your list can be as unique and personal as you want it to be. Just make sure at the end of your journey your painting looks like something you can be proud of.

Tell us about your bucket list.

Adam St. Pierre

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