Restoring the Great British Pub

Drinking alcohol socially has been a worldwide tradition since humans first discovered fermentation. Many cultures have a drink of choice, and in the United Kingdom, it’s beer. Though friends can hoist a few brews anywhere, the drinking establishment of the Brits is the Public House, more commonly called the “pub.” As millions of beers were swallowed, pubs eventually came to [...]

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London’s SkyCycle Program Innovates Bike Travel

There is almost no headache bigger than the one that comes from commuting to work. The streets are congested when you’re late, if you take a train it gets crowded and dirty, and it seems like there is never enough coffee to get you through all the madness. Many people have turned to biking as a clean and stress free [...]

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Obama Walks NSA Tightrope

On Friday January 17, 2014, President Obama announced reforms to the NSA’s surveillance program. In the speech made at the US Department of Justice, the President acknowledged the government “must maintain the trust of the American people,” but, in the US, there is great divide as to what constitutes the best policy. Conservatives tend to lean heavily toward robust intelligence [...]

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The Blackfish Documentary: A Look at SeaWorld Corruption

When you were younger, SeaWorld might have seemed like a magical place. They have a variety of aquatic species that perform jaw-dropping stunts with a team of trainers. A trademark animal for the park has always been the killer whale, but there is a shocking truth behind the containment of these animals. The Blackfish movie is a popular trending documentary [...]

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Could You Become a Victim of Food Contamination?

You might think that since we’ve come such a long way with processing food consistently and keeping hunger away that the things we eat are completely reliable. The problem with our expanding population is that food needs to be processed on a much larger scale, making it difficult to carefully monitor everything that is shipped out to our food markets. [...]

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Gambling: Crossing The Line Between Recreational And Addiction

With the NFL playoff games this weekend and with the upcoming Super Bowl on the minds of most Americans, making a friendly wager comes to mind. We will buy boxes, bet on our favorite teams and follow these terrific games with increased interest. There will be office pools and boxes at local pubs. It is hard to imagine the Super [...]

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5 Motivational Wartime Stories You Have to Hear

Nobody looks forward to times of war. The concept of the same species killing because of small disagreements is a disheartening one to think about. In times of war we have to endure suffering and witness terrible things. The recent addition of WW1 soldier diaries to national online archives details the horrors of war from the perspective of British soldiers. [...]

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Marijuana vs Alcohol

Marijuana vs Alcohol: Who is the Real Killer? With the legalisation of marijuana for recreational use in states like Colorado, our societies are beginning to reevaluate the effects of the once taboo drug. Decades ago leaders like Ronald Regan pioneered efforts to eliminate all drug use. Since then, the “War on Drugs” has drained  a ton of money from the [...]

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UK Stay Or Exit The EU

As the 2014 elections come closer, the debate about the UK’s status as an EU member will certainly come to the fore. Along with immigration, the UK-EU debate is likely to become a central issue once again. Last May, Tory MPs rallied behind former defence secretary Michael Portillo in calling for the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. [...]

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The Top Tweeters to Follow in 2014

The Wild World of Twitter Back in 2006 when Twitter was created it introduced a whole new way for people to use social media. It essentially took the concept of blog posting and smashed it together with Facebook. Users can easily subscribe to each other, share information, and stay up to date with their own personalized feeds. A Diverse Selection [...]

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