Is the Gunsmith Liable?

French political economist Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) published a satire essay entitled “The Candle Maker's Petition” in 1845. In the essay, all manufacturers of artificial lighting, as well as the “producers of tallow, oil, resin, alcohol, and generally of everything connected with lighting” petition for protection against the sun's unfair competition. “If you shut off as much as possible all access [...]

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India’s Mars Probe

Launch of India’s Mars Probe India’s recent Mars space probe initiative has attracted a lot of world attention. India has joined the elite in space exploration with the launch of its Mars probe.  It has joined the ranks of the superpowers and is in competition with its neighbour, China. Congratulations India. The world needs more initiatives such as this.  More [...]

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Why are children being let down by Social Services?

Vulnerability The human baby is probably one of the most vulnerable creatures on this planet. Unlike most other species, it needs careful and continuous monitoring and attention from the time it is conceived and long after it is born. It just cannot do anything for itself for many many years.   It cannot, walk, talk, ask for food, find food, feed [...]

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President Obama – Impeachment Calls

Losing Focus The turmoil in the US continues. The government shutdown has not even been resolved and now a call for impeachment of the US president - Obama.  The US has played role model and guardian to the world and is fast losing its status and credibility. Economic challenges, high unemployment, unprecedented levels of debt and now accusations of fraudulent [...]

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US Government Shutdown

US Government Shutdown of “non essential services” An earnest appeal by the US president to restart the economic engine. This is a monster that everybody has at least heard of.  This has happened in the past. But due to time lapse and media reports reaching fewer people in the past it has not registered as broadly as the current shutdown [...]

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