The New Year is almost here and many of us will be making resolutions aimed at improving their lives for the upcoming year. As you step out of the old year and into the new one, here are eight New Year’s resolutions that will help you live longer, happier and healthier. 


Drink More Water

The phrase ‘water is life’ is to be taken very seriously.  It is with good reasons that scientists maintain that water is one of the properties that allow planet earth to sustain life. The fact that the human body comprises seventy percent water makes this fact even more important. Water helps to flush bad toxins out of the body leaving you healthier. Hydration is good for the skin and keeps it looking supple young and blemish free. It is no wonder WebMD lists skin health as one of the six health benefits of drinking water.


Start Juicing

Incorporating fresh juices into your diet is another way to add years to your life and banish many illnesses.  This does not mean commercial juices though, as many of them contain preservatives and additives that are not healthy. Invest in a good juicer and start blitzing away.  These fresh, home made juices are most beneficial when consumed shortly after being made. The enzymes begin to deteriorate quickly especially when they are brought into contact with air.


Limit Fast Food Consumption

Life in the modern world is quite hectic. It requires multi-tasking and fast movements and this is why fast food chains have become so popular. But sometimes these foods contribute to illnesses, which in the long run, will severely hamper your ability to function.

A great way to limit fast food consumption is to travel with healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables or pack your own healthy lunch for days spent away from home. When you are unable to avoid eating on the go, choose healthy alternatives. Many fast food chains today are offering healthier alternatives such as green salads and meat that is oven roasted or baked rather than deep fried.



Take a break from time to time. What’s the use of working hard if you are never able to enjoy the perks of your hard work? The human body is designed for rest and it is this rest that helps to rejuvenate and re-energize you for the challenges ahead. Take a hint from this Ted talk on sleep.



Commit To a Fitness or Exercise Routine

Exercise helps you to maintain a body that functions effectively as a well-oiled machine. Exercise is a great detoxification tool. It keeps the heart rate strong and also helps to prevent blood circulation and heart related diseases.

Exercise also helps to prevent and control depression sometimes more so than prescription drugs. Scientists have long identified the correlation between exercise and mood. They found that persons who exercise frequently are less likely to suffer from depression and those with depression actually saw improvements with exercise routines.

If you are very busy and unable to join a gym or set time aside for workouts then you may want to try incorporating more physical exertion in your normal day to day routines.  Small changes like choosing to use the stairs rather than the elevator at work or in your apartment for instance allows you to get some cardiovascular work done without having to stop in at a gym.


Love Yourself

Make a list of all your positive attributes. But don’t stop there! List the negatives as well and make peace with who you are as a person. No one is perfect and the sooner you recognize this, the sooner you will be able to make peace with and accept who you are, despite what everyone else thinks!


Spend More Time with Your Loved Ones

Man is a social animal and this is very important for maintaining mental stability. An active social life helps to keep stress levels down and depression at bay. Go out more often and maintain relationships with those who provide positive and uplifting elements in your life. Take time out to enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as a stroll in the park.



Things will go wrong from time to time and when things do not go the way  you planned, you may be tempted to freak out… don’t or at least manage your stress. Try to consider the fact that even when things are going bad, there are situations that would be worse.

Banish stress with self treats such as a spa day.  In fact sometimes spending time with friends and family, works as a perfect de-stressor. But of course if time alone is more ideal for you, then by all means go ahead and take that well deserved ‘me time’.

You only get one body, one life, and one opportunity to make the best of all that planet earth has to offer. Commit to living a better life for yourself, your friends and your family members.

Happy New Year.


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