The popular approach to this subject is the 10 most important…….. or the 5 must haves….. or the 8 most effective….. and so on.  These are often hard concepts and sometimes difficult to relate to and at the end of the day, even confusing. There is only one key driver that determines if you are an entrepreneur or not:


This hate just doesn’t appear and disappear; it is a hate that taunts you 24/7.  You know that you are an entrepreneur when you are in meetings and the boss is talking gobbledygook and ignores your input or doesn’t even listen to your ideas, which makes more sense than his. Or when the company restructures every six months, or every time a new CEO comes on board to cut costs by firing people they don’t like.  When senior leaders suck up to their bosses and embark on scenario planning exercises that make them look like geniuses but adds zero value to the company….  Sounds familiar!

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in modern day history were fired for their efforts.  But they came back more successful than ever. Steve Jobs is an excellent example.  Apple fired him – the best thing that could have ever happened to him he admitted. In 1986 he bought The Graphics Group (later named Pixar) for $10million.  By 2006 he sold Pixar to Disney in an all-stock transaction for $7.4billion becoming the single largest shareholder in Disney.  His re-entry into Apple changed the global technical landscape.  Is this success or what?

Most entrepreneurs started their businesses in very humble circumstances.  They invariably had an idea or acquired one along their career and often had no money or sponsors.

Just look at the founders of companies like:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • GE
  • Ford
  • Subway etc

If you feel that you have the characteristics then brace yourself, you are an entrepreneur.  Here comes the big ‘however’.  How to become a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur?   That is the billion-dollar question and there is no fool proof method. In fact, you are going to fail. I think that an entrepreneur is built to take failure in their stride. Learn from it an make the next venture even better.  Here are some observations of successful entrepreneurs:

  • They are different from the rest – nothing impedes them – not even failure.
  • They are strong and courageous and dare to go where no one has gone before.
  • They can see the invisible and hear the silence.
  • Their imagination has no boundaries – anything is possible.
  • They don’t need any tests to determine their aptitudes – they know their capabilities.
  • They discover solutions ahead of the problems.
  • They are virtually impossible to predict.
  • Others copy them!
  • They can be loved or hated.
  • They never give up – even if they are knocked down they get up and give it another go (the failure thing again)
  • They don’t understand ‘cannot be done’.
  • They are not intimidated by competition.
  • They are time conquerors – time does not control them.
  • They achieve.

So, are you an entrepreneur, or want to be one? I think we all have a little entrepreneurial spirit inside us, somewhere.

Is this you? Do you have a hate work or entrepreneurial story. We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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