The internet has redefined nearly every aspect of human life. Communication, employment and marketing have all changed. Individuals use it to connect with friends, get informed and play games. The real question, however, is can you benefit where it’s most important? Your wallet!

Many profitable business models have crept up using the internet and some of them require people like you to make them work. Do you want to learn how to add a little jingle to your pocket? Here’s six ways…

If you’re a music junkie who has got a little time on your hands, Slicethepie may be for you! It works like this: some up-and-coming artists will pay to get authentic consumer feedback about their songs. You get to be that feedback! Listen to at least 90 seconds of a tune, assign it a number 1-10 and write a few sentences explaining your score.

Earn up to $0.25/review and profit from the reviews of anyone you refer as well! Once you’ve gotten $10 or more, cash out via PayPal.

The most effective method of making money here remains the same as always: sell your junk. If you wanted to try another option, however, the “Everything Else” section on eBay may hold some appeal.

Sell “good karma” for a dollar or two. “Well wishes” sometimes move as well. Since eBay users value reputation, new sellers will occasionally purchase “1 positive feedback” at the rate of a dollar apiece. Though eBay will take 10% of your final selling price and a small cut goes to PayPal, it’s nearly free money.

Buying/selling Bitcoin

Digital currencies may be one of the most exciting creations to come from the web in a while. Understanding what it is and why it (or any currency) has value, can be confusing. Suffice it to say that it’s a new form of money.

Currency trading—the act of swapping currencies in the hope of profiting from fluctuating exchange rates—is a common practice for those sophisticated enough to understand it. Because Bitcoin is so new, everyone is having a hard time pegging down its true value and its prices soar and drop frequently. Someone who took the time to learn about it could make large profits by predicting the market.

DISCLAIMER: Trading any currencies is risky and you could lose money.

Amazon mturk

Occasionally, businesses need help with little time-consuming tasks. When jobs are too complex for artificial intelligence, companies sometimes pay individuals to do it for them. Amazon mturk connects such businesses with willing workers to complete tasks such as transcription, liking YouTube videos or typing one word descriptions of photos.

Many of the tasks only pay a few cents, but they are generally so easy and can be completed so quickly, that $10+/hour becomes very attainable. There are internet communities created around mturk that share profitable HITs (human intelligence tasks) and other trends. You must be 18 to participate and reside in the United States or Canada. Payments can be made to PayPal or to your bank account.

If the tasks from mturk seem a little bit too “working stiff” for you, then Cash Crate may be a suitable alternative.  Users here complete surveys and special offers of various types and receive small monetary compensation. The undertaking is generally quite brief and doesn’t require much in the way of mental energies.

One perk is the low age requirement. Users need only be 13 years old and the site is friendly to people from most countries. Payment is made by check.

For users with skills valued in the professional world, oDesk is a great way to find gigs. If you are a writer, developer or web programmer (among other things) then there is work available for you here. The huge network of workers and clients come together to form a profitable marketplace for anyone hoping to peddle their talents. Pick up work when you want at a rate that works for you. One thing which separates oDesk from the other suggestions listed here is that it does provide enough work for full-time income.

One tip: before accepting jobs, make sure the instructions are clear to avoid confusion. Payments can be distributed directly to a bank account, through PayPal or by pre-paid debit card.

Time to Profit!

The web is full of opportunities to make money, but there are lots of scams too. The above websites are well-established and trustworthy. Though none of them are going to make you rich overnight, they are easy ways to earn a few extra bucks on the side. Want to make some money with a site you’re already familiar with? You can also fatten your wallet by writing an article for StrongWhispers!


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