London’s SkyCycle Program Innovates Bike Travel

There is almost no headache bigger than the one that comes from commuting to work. The streets are congested when you’re late, if you take a train it gets crowded and dirty, and it seems like there is never enough coffee to get you through all the madness. Many people have turned to biking as a clean and stress free [...]

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How do you know if you are an entrepreneur?

The popular approach to this subject is the 10 most important…….. or the 5 must haves….. or the 8 most effective….. and so on.  These are often hard concepts and sometimes difficult to relate to and at the end of the day, even confusing. There is only one key driver that determines if you are an entrepreneur or not: “YOU [...]

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Finger Licking Good…

..or is it a health hazard? So now that we have got your attention with the seductive featured image, (like all those annoying youtube thumbnails)... don't worry, we think it may still be worth your while! Have you ever noticed that David Letterman is a classic finger licker.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan, but I am always [...]

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5 Hazardous Additives In Your Diet

According to the American Dietetic Association, only 51% of people pay attention to ingredient labels when purchasing food. Is checking these labels an unnecessary hassle or a critical endeavor? As it turns out, checking labels has become essential to staying healthy, due to the adverse effects of chemicals and other additives in food products. Here are 5 common additives to [...]

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Obama Walks NSA Tightrope

On Friday January 17, 2014, President Obama announced reforms to the NSA’s surveillance program. In the speech made at the US Department of Justice, the President acknowledged the government “must maintain the trust of the American people,” but, in the US, there is great divide as to what constitutes the best policy. Conservatives tend to lean heavily toward robust intelligence [...]

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10 Most expensive Cities to live in

Whether you're trying to save money for a financial goal or simply feeling the pinch, it will probably not be a good idea to live in any of the cities mentioned in this list. According to the Mercer's Cost of Living Survey 2013, these 10 cities are currently the most expensive to live in: 10. Sydney, Australia One of the [...]

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The Blackfish Documentary: A Look at SeaWorld Corruption

When you were younger, SeaWorld might have seemed like a magical place. They have a variety of aquatic species that perform jaw-dropping stunts with a team of trainers. A trademark animal for the park has always been the killer whale, but there is a shocking truth behind the containment of these animals. The Blackfish movie is a popular trending documentary [...]

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The Hitchhikers Guide to Website Translation

What is the most compelling reason to translate your website into multiple languages? Two words… global reach. It is common knowledge that no language has 100% Internet penetration rate. English, the de facto language of commerce, is understood by less than 28% of Internet users. It follows, then, that an English language site is useless to approximately three quarters of [...]

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Tech-Savvy: 8 Tech Blogs You Should Be Reading

With so many tech blogs available on the Web today, it’s easy to get lost in numerous sites that you can’t tell one from another. While there are many tech blogs available, there are only a few that provide the daily news you want to read. We have sorted through the massive list, and have 8 tech blogs to recommend [...]

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Why You Should Start Saving For Christmas Now

We’ve all done it before. Putting something off until last minute and paid the price for it. Figuring out you were ill prepared for something can be a real bummer, especially when it has to deal with the holidays. It is a time for cheer, family bonding, and the gift of giving. If you aren’t prepared for it though you [...]

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