Start a Career From Your Computer!

For too long the hierarchical structure of the modern workplace has lead to people hating their jobs. We don’t want to be submissive, we don’t want to be treated unequally, and we most certainly don’t want to be fired for silly reasons. With the birth of the Internet a couple decades ago, the people who were shackled by these types of job were given another option.


Working From Your Computer

What many people fail to realize is that with the right knowledge, determination, and a laptop, you can live a successful life as your own boss! There are many different options for you to consider when making the transition to a life of Internet self-employment.

The first commandment of working online is to educate yourself as much as possible before becoming dependent on an internet income. Before you go quitting your job and grabbing your laptop, you should educate yourself a little bit in the world of Internet Marketing.


Warrior Forums is a the top free source of information covering a wide variety of areas in making money online. You can immerse yourself into a community of people eager to guide you towards success in your career on the Internet. Listed below are a few of the most popular career paths people take from their computers. 


Being a writer used to be a risky career path. You had to know the right people, have the skill, and hope that your efforts could put food on the table. Now, all you need is the gift of curating words and an Internet connection!

The Internet is constantly being updated with an unfathomable amount of information. Because of this, there is a constant demand for writers to make web content. Using internet platforms like oDesk, Elance, and iWriter you can easily get writing assignments to pay with little to no experience.


If you don’t believe me I could tell you that right now I am making a living through writing posts like this. Instead of dressing up in a shirt and tie I’m in my pajamas and listening to my favorite tunes with a cup of coffee. Who needs riches when you can live this comfortably!

Promote Yourself

If you have something you are passionate about and good at, why not combine it with the Internet to make money? It isn’t that difficult to use the Internet as a form of promoting your goods and services. It also gives you the largest potential audience available!


Whether you make clothes, jewelry, write books, or virtually anything else, you can use the Internet to market yourself. Start a blog, use social media, or even reach out to affiliate marketers to promote your brand for you! With the right publicity you can use sites like eBay, Amazon, and WordPress to sell your product and build up your bank account.

Affiliate Careers

If you are skilled at persuading people and know a thing or two about how websites work, getting involved in an affiliate program can be a fruitful option. Find sites that offer affiliate programs like Amazon and build a WordPress site to promote a specific good or service.
This way you don’t even have to provide the product, all you have to do is make people want to buy it. Each time someone buys the product you will receive a percentage of the sale. With enough skill and determination you might find yourself making more money than you ever imagined!

Slow and Steady Pays the Bills

Like I said earlier, don’t rush your way into this career option. One of the best things about it is that you can test the water before you jump in. If you already have a job and you’re considering working online, try it out as a part-time job first.


Take a few hours from your week and try out some different things. Warrior Forums can introduce you to a whole bunch of different online jobs you never even knew existed. I didn’t even consider writing until I became a member and now I’m doing what I love for a living. Find enjoyable methods that you are good at and pursue them. Once you are confident in your ability you can make steps towards becoming your own boss.

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Benefits of Working Online

  • It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or how much experience you have. Virtually anybody can work successfully from their computer with the right know-how.
  • You don’t have to leave your home, which is especially useful if you are a busy mom or dad. Simply clear a room of your house out that you can concentrate in and BAM you have your own office.
  • It may take time, but you can earn a steady income with less effort than you may think. Once you make the right connections and build on your skills you can earn a sustainable income to live off of.
  • No more office drama. You won’t have to listen about how Bob kissed Cindy or have to deal with your boss demeaning you with his authority.

If you have any questions or comments regarding working online, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. A member of the Strong Whispers team will gladly discuss them with you!


Adam St. Pierre


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