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Caution. Always seek medical advice before making lifestyle, exercise and food changes.

There are hundreds of programs on the market on weight loss. Very few are successful (invariably the most expensive programs that only the rich and famous can afford) and most other programs that just don’t work for you. Our research has shown that the main reason why they are not successful is not because of the program itself but because people going on the program lacked basic knowledge and understanding of the processes involved, which resulted in diminished motivation to persevere. It is therefore extremely important to read the following paragraphs that will give you greater insight into the key drivers behind weight loss initiatives. The pointers will help you weld your determination and discipline to help you achieve your goals.

  • Tool-kit to manage weight
  • What medical professionals will not tell you
  • Motivational scenarios
  • Strategies and Tactics
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Helping Communities
  • Impacting the Environment



Do you have an excess weight problem? Are you tired of being called fat and are embarrassed to be seen in public? Do you hate to go shopping for clothes? Are you worried about how you look and are just not able to fix the problem?  You are in luck. You have come to the right site. Keep reading -your life is about to change forever. This series has been written to encourage and inspire you. Read it regularly to help you build your courage and your confidence to persevere with your weight management.  It is important for you to understand why it is so paramount to lose excess weight from a health perspective in particular. It is important to maintain a cheerful spirit as we embark on this new life-changing journey together. Soon you will be on your way to a better, brighter, healthier and more successful life than you have ever imagined. You will be introduced to interesting scenarios that will help develop positive mindsets and attitudes. Many people will say that this is all common sense, but let me assure you that there is no such thing as common sense.  The problem with common sense is that it is not commonly known by the people. Please do not hesitate to share. Here’s to a healthier, and better future. Are you ready? Let’s join forces as we embark on this life-changing journey. (Please read cautionary note below if you have any medical problems)


Basic Understanding of how the body works with food.

Medical science has made great advances in understanding how the body works but are still very far from discovering its many secrets. If they knew the secrets then they could give you life, which obviously they can’t. That is why there is so much speculation and conjecture around. This review of how the body works is based purely on observation and interpretation and focuses on the outcome of a number of different approaches. Your views and comments are most welcome and you can post them via the commentary box on this site.

Understanding how the body processes food is important for weight management.  The digestive system is a very complex but a very simple operating ‘machine’.  Everything ingested is broken down into a type of sugar (glucose) that the body can work with. Glucose is the fuel of the body.  Food is mixed all along the digestive tract commencing in the mouth with enzymes that start the engine rolling. The system commences a process of simplification.  It is actually a very intelligent chemical plant that converts foods into chemical chains that it can work with.  It follows a protocol. For example with carbohydrates, the easiest food to convert to sugar is done first and the more complex foodstuff is processed last. Little modifications are required for the sugar that is already contained in the food eaten. The body absorbs these sugars almost instantaneously when ingested.

The most common foods types are:

  • Carbohydrates (Including all forms of sugars)
  • Proteins
  • Fats

Carbohydrates (carbs) are very common and found in many varieties of foods. The body processes them first, converting them into quick fuel for the body. The body loves carbs and will immediately start processing it into glucose. The body needs energy to do everything, from all movements to brain function and even dreaming.  Its like a car, it will never start and move if there is no fuel, assuming everything else is functioning, just like our bodies. The energy that our body uses comes primarily from carbs. There may be other sources but for the purposes of this subject let’s stay with carbs for now. Glucose is stored in the liver.  If you eat too much carbs then any excess Glucose that is produced and cannot be stored in the liver is converted to fatty acids and stored in the fat cells that are prevalent all over the body. These fat cells are storage tanks and can be filled and emptied. The number of cells in the human body remains constant during your lifetime. As the cells fill up, body mass increases and overweight sets in. This is the most basic and simplistic way fat accumulates. If on the other hand, less carbs are ingested, and the body is not getting enough glucose to do its job, then the body will look for other sources to supplement the shortage. The first port of call would be fat cells. Fatty acids from the fat cells will then be converted to glucose to replenish the shortfall. As the body uses up the fatty acids, weight loss commences. We will discuss the different ways you can control the supply of energy foods to achieve this reversal in over-weight situations.

Proteins are broken down into amino acids and are primarily the engineers of the body. They build, repair and defend cells, muscles, blood etc. As a last resort, protein may be consumed by the body for energy – should all other sources of energy be curtailed or medical dysfunctions occur.

Fats that are ingested are broken down eventually into fatty acids in the intestines and transported via the blood vessels to the reservoirs, which are the fat cells or fat storage vessels. Combined with the excess glucose that is converted into fatty acids, the inevitable occurs, increase in body mass when consumed in higher than required volume. It is interesting to note that fat is stored in the body in cells. A group of cells would represent storage tanks or reservoirs. From observation they  are grouped into short and long term storage units. During an intense diet program it was noticed that the fat storage units that are inside the body, like the abdominal cavity are used up first to supplement energy shortfalls. As this happens, your inside starts shrinking. The most likely reason fats are being stored in the cavities is that they are  short term fats and  can be converted quicker into glucose and with less effort than the longer term fats which are located more externally, are harder and closer to the skin.  This layer of fat plays a dual role, in that it stores longer term energy and acts as insulation. Its construction is probably more rigid and harder to convert at short notice. So don’t despair if you find that the volume of fat externally is not budging. As soon as the body uses up all the short term fat, it will have to get its replenishment from other fat sources and then  you will see the desired results. You see why it is so important to read these notes before you start the program.

Note: We have focused mainly on foods which provide energy and are body builders. We have not discussed, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which we will cover later. For the purposes of weight loss we will focus here mainly on the three food types mentioned above.


Classical Food Proportions

The classical theorists advocated a set daily portion or ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as a balanced diet. This clearly hasn’t worked for the masses due to changes in lifestyles. The quality and composition of foods have altered dramatically and natural exercise and mobility trends radically influenced by technology. These changes have had a profound impact on energy levels required to sustain a healthy lifestyle. However, ingestion practices over the millennium have not kept pace with these changes. Due to the significance of the changes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, planning a dietary regime and exercise requires customization and need to be personalized.  Different standards in different countries, food composition in different products pose yet another problem.  This model provides the guidelines and maps the path to establish a personalized solution for you.


Weight Change

Every one of us has a unique weight gain-loss formula. Weight is gained if the amount of energy contained in the foods that we eat exceeds our daily requirements to function and the opposite is usually true for weight loss. There are two main functions consuming energy – the physical or external mobility to perform tasks that we decide to do and the internal functions of the human anatomy again including things that we want to do for example read this article and get the brain to interpret. The brain will therefore use energy to function. At the same time, the body is circulating blood, digesting food, collecting waste for disposal by the kidneys etc., which we have no control over except for the actual physical act of disposal externally. The formula to keep a balanced weight is different for every person and can be determined through trial and error within a band of known effects.  Due to the complexity and interconnections of the entire process, understanding some history of our evolution and why we are at this point is crucial. A number of weight control programs have not been successfully implemented due to non-conditioning of the mind and the psyche. Building a strong mind to tackle the challenge is critical to the success of this program. Once you have won that battle, everything is smooth sailing thereafter. The following will help increase the understanding of how the body works and the external stimuli that is corrupting the natural functioning process. Once you complete this overview, we will embark on the actual weight control strategies.



Humans have been around for thousands of years. Much has been said and written about our origins.  Debates continue to brew over creation and evolution.  Over time the greatest phenomenon to impact the human race and life on the planet is change. Change is the very essence of time and has affected us in so many different ways. There have been positives and negatives but as the world continues to change, life on earth is faced with new challenges. Since our subject is about weight loss campaigns, we will stay with those elements that are most associated with the subject.

Lifestyle Change – as humans evolved their basic needs evolved at the same time.  Food, clothing and shelter. For thousand of years, and just before the turn of the twentieth century, people worked physically hard and walked long distances to their place of work and tilled the soil etc. This meant that they had to use up a lot of energy to get their jobs done.  There were no cars, no developed roads and no airplanes.  People lived in houses that they most often had to build themselves and there was a lot of, walking, climbing, lifting, shoveling, pushing, pouring, chopping and carrying. Washing clothes were mostly manual and there were many more chores that had to be done that required human force.  Similarly, almost everything had to be done by hand. The amount of effort required was probably hundreds of times more than the present day and the body to provide the required energy to carry out the work burned up food ingested during those times. Apart from the Royalty and landlords, the masses of ordinary people very rarely indulged in the luxuries of life and were generally not overweight. Portraits of people of the older centuries depict this scenario and it is evident that the richer folk were amongst the obese in the community as they were the least active and ate the most.

Technology Revolution – As cars, trains, planes and other technological innovations gained momentum in the twentieth century, the amount of physical effort required to carry out the tasks of old diminished. However, people continued to consume food in the same proportions as before and the onset of overweightness started slowly creeping in. These were still not too onerous days as the food types did not change radically. This is the crux of the issue and the onslaught of the debilitating weight impact on people today.  People became the victims of progress and there were no institutional protection available or preventative medicine developed to counteract this devastating encroachment on the health of the individual.

Urbanization – With mass production and rapid urbanization, lifestyle change increased exponentially. Demand for fast consumer foods and instant meals started another revolution and people fell deeper and deeper into the frying pan.

Fast Foods Chains – The combined total number of the top ten fast foods chains in the US alone is close to 100 000.  Everywhere you go there is a McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King, Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dominos Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell etc.  Fast foods are convenient, competitively priced and affordable to most, and tasty. But are they all healthy?  Let’s look at the composition of the food compared to its natural state. Oil is generally the common ingredient. I once read in Africa, that a teaspoon of cooking oil had enough energy in it to sustain life of a child for one whole day.  Chicken, chips and meat are cooked and drenched in oil to give it the taste . The skin of the chicken has a lot of fat and combined with the cooking oil, it is dynamite food. Some companies recycle the same oil and the state of the oil changes quite significantly and is harmful for human consumption. Humans are now eating food that is energy compact compared to the fat levels that humans used to eat prior to the advent of fast foods, which were mainly from natural foods such as nuts. Fast foods are packed with extraordinarily high-energy foods and far in excess of the daily requirements of an average human being. The fat and other additives like secret spices and recipes give fast foods their taste and lures customers who unfortunately fall prey to these tactics.

Corporate Greed – it’s all about greed for money. People all over the world have become innocent victims of corporate greed. It is just amazing how a few people can hold the majority of the world’s population to ransom.  They are killing the world and governments are not doing enough to protect the people. If you are an obese or fat person, it is not entirely your fault that you are the way you are. Humans are born to eat and grow and carry out their daily chores. If all foods were natural and one drank water there would be fewer people with obesity problems in the world.  Cold drinks like Coke and Pepsi have very high sugar contents in their classic drinks and this is potent. Humans source of sugar supposed to be from natural foods such as fruits and vegetable which is usually eaten in moderate quantities. The amount of sugar in a glass of Coke or Pepsi may be equivalent to many, many apples and oranges or grapes, numbers that a human will not ordinarily eat.

Genetic Engineering – there is not enough research to spell out the effect that genetic engineering and modifications are having on humans and the obesity syndrome. Everything we are discussing here is based on observations and knowledge of what is happening around us.  You can draw your own conclusions from the list:

  • Agriculture has been redefined. Seed modifications have reached a stage where bigger yields and bug free crops are the norm. This is not natural and who knows what chemicals are prevalent in the fruits and vegetable that we are consuming and how this is being processed in our systems. Are there higher carbohydrates and sugar levels in the foods that we are consuming?
  • Are the chicken farms and eggs safe to consume and how do their natural compositions compare. How do hormone treatments change the dynamics of the digestive and absorption process in humans? There are a lot of questions but not many answers.
  • The dairy industry has seen a revolutionary change. Genetic engineering and discoveries in the oleo chemicals field have had a major impact in the dairy industry. A specially developed fatty acid when combined with cattle fodder can increase milk production by a single cow several times over. This is unnatural. How is this possible and what are the health implications?
  • Milk – Did you know that the fresh milk that you are buying in the stores is not the same as the milk produced by nature. Dairy farms produce vast quantities of milk all over the world. The processing companies who treat the milk,  strip it of all its real value and goodness, called milk solids. The high value butter, cheese and baby feed are manufactured from the milk solids. The remaining liquid material is mainly whey and water, some of which is used to make fresh milk and used for other purposes. The surplus if any is disposed. To produce fresh milk a small percentage (generally 2 to 3%) of the milk solid/fat is added back to the whey-liquid and sold to the public. The lower the milk solid in the milk the higher the price of milk in most countries – sold as low fat. What are the properties of whey? In some  countries surplus whey is stored and gas is extracted from it. The gas is blended with petroleum in a ratio strong enough to fuel  motorcars. If flammable gas is extracted from whey then it must have some kind of high energy content or chemically a product similar to alcohol-sugar or something more volatile. With the change in the ratio of good nutrients in natural milk, and just a minuscule amount of good nutrients sold  to consumers with a disproportionately higher volume of whey per litre,  it must have strong connotations for weight gain and diseases like diabetes etc.
  • Entertainment – in-house entertainment and technological innovations have further reduced the need for  physical movements. Less energy is expended due to the changes in the entertainment  industry, but sadly, there is no evidence of a concurrent reduction in the volume of food being consumed to compensate for the lower physical activity levels.

The list is long, but you get the gist of how change has impacted the weigh-in and continues to impact unabatedly.  So these are the hard facts behind the pounds or kilos being added on. The challenge is to work within these constraints and return to a manageable weight that will prolong the natural life, improve general health and reduce risks of diseases like diabetes and risk of heart failure. To reduce weight and stay in shape requires iron discipline and a radical change to lifestyle. Get this right and you are on your way to victory.


Gift of Life

For centuries man has been looking for answers to life. Where did we originate? What is the purpose of life and what does it all mean. In modern times man is exploring space and looking for life elsewhere in the universe. The whole concept of life is so mysterious and spectacular that in order to understand it one just has to look around and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. Unfortunately we only have a limited number of years to enjoy the earth. We also have family and friends who are dear to us and we would like to spend as much time as possible with them. We only have one life. How does one get the maximum out of this one life. The key is to keep in good physical health so that you can care for yourself and those dear to you. Without a good health not much can be achieved and can lead to frustration and depression. Good health will give you confidence to do anything that you can imagine and provide a pillar of support for you and your family. Money is good to have but good health is far better.  Returning to good health after losing the overweight will be the best gift that you will ever have received in your life and for your family. New doors of opportunities will open for travel, employment, new careers, better relationships, morale, friends, and the list will grow. This will change your life forever.

Fight the Mind

Don’t give up, keep reading and condition yourself, establish a reason to lose weight and you will be surprised how discrimination and self pity vanishes. Following this program will be the best thing that you have ever done and you will be surprised how simple it can be but you must condition your mind first. The mind is the biggest challenge that you will ever confront. It is not the food. The mind will fight you and eventually let you win or lose. Conquering the mind is the secret to success and should be your priority before embarking on this plan.


Controlling your Mind

Controlling your mind needs discipline. Start by doing something simple that you have never done before and have hated to do. This may be as basic as getting up an hour earlier in the morning and going for a walk. Always remind yourself of the long-term benefit of what you are embarking on. Repeat the benefits in your mind, like a healthier life, living for your family, building a new career, looking good and feeling good etc. and keep going. Get up every morning; don’t let the weather hold you back. Use an umbrella if it rains, or warm clothes if it is too cold. Don’t be put off by other people who might discourage you. Adopt a single-minded approach. Everything is about you. Don’t stop. There will be strong urges to stop. This is the mind playing tricks on you. It will be very painful in the beginning. When you notice the benefits your attitude will start to change. You will cross the pain barrier. Set yourself small targets and gradually you will achieve your bigger goals.

Record Keeping

  • Before you proceed make sure that you start by keeping records of everything that you do.
  • You need a very good bathroom scale to measure your commencement weight and ongoing changes. Take an initial reading and record it in your diary.
  • You may want to use an electronic diary so check for apps for your cell phone.
  • If you like, you may want to take pictures of yourself for comparison later
  • Make a record of all your current foods, quantities and frequency.
  • Record what you are eating and how much.



  • It is important to have a good pair of walking or running shoes.
  • Exercising regularly is important so make sure your gear works well.
  • Check with your sportswear specialists for proper fitting gear.


For now most regular kitchen utensils will do the job. However, as you progress you may require the following:


  • A Juicer – make sure it is a good quality juicer with at least 1200 watts of motor power.
  • A George Foreman grill – pick the size that you would be comfortable with.  There are other grills but we found the GF grill works the best.
  • Kitchen scale to do the odd measuring.
  • Understanding the  Rules


Knowledge is power. No point in diving into an activity without understanding the basics about what things mean. It’s like playing a sport without knowing the rules. The whole idea is to come away winning and to do that it is very important to have a good understanding of the subject.

With weight loss programs, numbers become essential and critical. If you can measure it, you can conquer it.  You start by measuring your current weight. You need to establish how much of weight you need to shed. You need a yardstick to determine what this number is and so on.

  • Height to weight ratio. Measure your height in meters to two decimal points – convert from inches to meters if necessary. A simple rule to determine what your likely weight should be is as follows:

Assuming your height is 1.78 meters – the last two decimals are an indication of the weight you should be around give or take a kilo on either side. In this example your ideal weight should revolve around 78 kilograms or 172 lbs. This guideline works generally for adults without any severe physical challenges and within a narrow band of 1.5meters to 1.9meters. Outside of these bands you need to decide what your ideal weight is by reference to comparative weight, visuals and professional advice.  However it is only a guideline and may be slightly different in some cases. Use it to derive a goal weight in the absence of a better yardstick. The best measure would be to achieve a weight reduction where all excess fat has disappeared and you feel most comfortable with. The guidelines are there to point you towards your acceptable goal weight. At the end of the day you just want to lose the fat.

  • To lose weight one needs to understand what volume of food is being eaten and how this translates into numbers in terms of energy. If you understand the concept and can count the energy then you are getting somewhere. Dieticians mention calories and kilojoules. What do these mean and how can you use this knowledge effectively to check you weight control program?
  • Calories and kilojoules are measures of energy.
  • Kilojoule is the metric measurement of energy.
  • A calorie is equal to 4.2 kilojoules.
  • A general guideline is that an average adult weighing 80kg and 5’10” tall requires the following amount of energy per day. This is a very general guideline and will vary according to the amount of exercise and demands placed on the body. It is a starting point of reference to enable measurement.


Energy per day required:



To Maintain Current Weight



To Lose Fat



Extreme Loss – high impact




  • Most foods come with their energy levels clearly labeled. If not available, just Google it. Check the food type per 100grams of serving and its energy level. Add up all the calories that you are consuming in a day and compare the results to the general guidelines. Working with these numbers is important and you may want to tweak your daily requirements to fit your circumstance and needs. Start recording the numbers of calories you are eating in a day. This will become your starting point and act as a guide throughout your weight reduction journey. Make an effort. After a while is will become an automatic process and you will get a feel for the volumes. Your must put the effort for the plan to work. No pain, no gain. Most important, nobody else is going to do it for you. Your future is in your hands.

The simple approach:


  • Establish your current daily intake of energy and your current weight. Count the number of calories/Kilojoules you are eating daily.
  • Reduce the calories eaten to proportions recommended in the table above to lose fat or if you wish to follow a radical approach reduce energy for extreme weight loss in the table.
  • Continue until you achieve your goal weight.
  • If this is too difficult then the following recommendation is the next option.

The Terminator – A zero based weight reduction program.


   Introduction to the terminator.


  1. Start from scratch. We discussed how the body loves sugars and carbs. Identify all the foods that have a concentration of sugars and starch and eliminate them from your diet altogether when you start the program.

  2. Stick to a protein and vegetable only diet.

  3. Stop all dairy products until you reach your goal weight.

  4. Reduce drastically all foods containing fats and fast foods.

  5. Introduce a homemade fruit and vegetable juice.

  6. Drink water – no cold drinks, alcohol and hot beverages.

  7. Continue program for 100 days.

   Terminator – operating manual


  1. Carbohydrates and Sugars –  At the beginning of this article we discussed how the body processes carbs and sugars first to secure its source of energy. The body produces chemicals to process the sugars and uses insulin. It is actively engaged in producing the sugar processing and absorbing chemicals. When the body is denied carbs and sugars it still needs energy to function and will use up residual energy stored in the liver. If this gets depleted, and the body still does not get fresh replenishments of carbs and sugars it releases another chemical through its management system to source its energy from the first fat storage depots in the body. These are the fats that are stored in the abdominal cavity and around the organs and are a more efficient source of energy. They are soft stocks and are converted more easily and quicker into body energy or glucose. When you continue to deprive the body of carbs and sugars and the soft stocks are depleted, then the body will source its energy from the second level of fats stored in the external storage areas or fat cells below the skin. These are hard fats and stored for long-term consumption. The body is an extremely intelligent unit and will prioritize its consumption of stored fats only in extreme cases and matter of life and death situations. That is the reason why the body will make you feel faint, nauseous and dizzy, increase your craving for carbs and sugars and send powerful signals to your brain making you weak and vulnerable so that you will rush and give it the carbs and sugars that it is signaling for. When you don’t succumb to the natural stimuli of the body, and the body crosses the sugar craving threshold, the body will send out internal instructions to start producing the chemicals required for processing of stored energy which is fat.  This is the body’s method of reverting to survival mode. It will do everything possible to source the energy it requires to preserve life. This is what happens when people don’t have access to food. Starvation forces the body to use up fat. When no more fat is available, then the body will tackle the muscles as a last resort but with diet programs we will not go that that extreme. We saw that the body produces a chemical with instructions to use up fat. The key here is how can we get the body to produce these chemicals without going into starvation mode but trick the body into producing these chemicals.


  1. Proteins and vegetables substituted for carbs and sugars is the trick. Keep sending food to the stomach when you are on a diet but not the food types that make you fat. When you eat proteins and vegetables only, the body cannot argue with you and you are sending signals to the body that you are still feeding it. There is no panic and the lack of carbs and sugars is noticed by the body but it does not go into panic mode. It does not send out distress signals and makes you crave as much for carbs and sugars. Instead it says, ah, I can still source my energy requirements from the fats in storage for now and it starts producing the chemicals that convert fats to sugars. You successfully have tricked the body into sourcing its fuel from its internal reservoirs. The result, weight reduction. Note that the body uses proteins primarily for building, maintenance and security. Only as the a very last resort would it convert proteins for fuel. Only in a matter of life and death situations when it has exhausted all other sources within itself would it use proteins for fuel. The body’s architecture and chemical protocols are designed to preserve life. As an example, unrelated to dieting, if there is a shortage of blood due to an accident, an arm is severed etc, the body will shut off blood supplies to other parts of the body, like the legs to send blood to the brain to keep it alive. It is an ultra intelligent unit and sadly not commonly understood by the owners. Therefore dieting becomes a little easier when knowledge and understanding of the workings of the body increases.


  1. We discussed the properties of milk and its suspected high concentration of an energy type that can fuel a motor vehicle. The body can process most energy sources so for now cut out milk and other dairy products until you reach your goal weight.  It has been observed that internal abdominal fat reduction is most profound when you cut out milk and dairy products.

  1. Don’t eat fatty foods – avoid fatty foods – why eat more fat when the whole idea is to get rid of fat. It does not make sense. Trim fat off all meats before cooking.

  1. Homemade Fruit and Vegetable juice is one of the best sources of micronutrients. Joe Cross is the guru of juices and has had enormous success with juices. See his weight loss success story on YouTube,  Fat, Sick and Nearly dead. Joe Cross displays iron discipline and embarks on a juice only diet for 60 days. Pardon the pun, if you have the guts, then his diet plan is recommended. However the terminator program gives you a choice and makes dieting more user friendly.  Google Joe’s recipes 101 juice recipes for different variants. The most simple ingredients are celery, carrots, cucumber, green apples. Under tools we suggested getting yourself a good juicer. Make sure it is at least a 1200 watt motor unit. As you launch into this terminator program, substituting a juice for a meal will help with additional weight reduction.

  1. As you reduce your food intake, your digestive system will have less bulk moving through it. Don’t’ worry as you will soon adjust to the change. However, if you are juicing, the residue still has a high fiber and nutrient value and it is all fruit and vegetable.  Add to it some lean mince or canned fish, spices and herbs  and an egg for binding the ingredients together and make into little flat cakes and bake in an oven.  This is high protein food with minimal carbs, if any, and are an excellent source of bulk for your digestive system. (The cakes may also be grilled on the George Foreman grill.)  Besides, the overall cost of the juicing process is mitigated due to no wastage of the fruit and vegetables used.

Starting the Terminator Weight Reduction Program




Start your day with a protein breakfast. Fish and eggs is a good source of proteins. Measure the calories and prepare your meals on a George Foreman grill.  The grill helps eliminate the fats from the foods. Have your breakfast with some salads, grated beetroot and carrots with a low fat mayonnaise for taste if required – just a small quantity initially. We used fish fingers, lightly crumbed, in a star shape on the grill. In the the centre we filled the eggs and grilled for 1 – 2 minutes.

Make a liter of fruit and vegetable juice. Take sips if you are thirsty or feeling for more food.

Drink lots of fluids, distilled water and green teas with no sugar is recommended.

Eat a light protein lunch and one fruit like an apple and continue with your fruit juice.

Stop eating all hard foods by 6pm. Make sure they are Proteins only. Finish off the day with the balance of the fruit juice. Drink lots of water.

Check the internet for source of protein foods. Understand what comprises proteins. If using canned products, avoid those foods that are preserved in oils.   Wash off the preservatives. There are lots of examples. The whole idea is to deprive the body of carbs and sugars, substitute them with proteins, until you reach your goal weight.

You might want to supplement your diet with vitamins.  Consult your pharmacy for advice.

Don’t stay hungry. Always have a protein snack. Don’t over-eat and keep drinking lots of water. Remember no carbs, sugar, milk and sweetened beverages.

Exercise as much as possible. Keep moving at every opportunity. The more you move the more energy is burnt. If you are able, substitute the juice for whole meals. Trial different juice recipes and stay with the one that you are happy with. Reduce your volume of food whenever possible. Keep going until you reach your goal weight.


Terminator Lifestyle Change

This program is designed to achieve positive weight management results and embark on a lifestyle change. Obviously, the regime that you are on currently is not working for you. You have probably tried many times to lose weight and have had some short term and small successes but  you have put it on again after a while. The terminator is different. It helps you to change your lifestyle simultaneously. Once you understand the way the system works, you will automatically become food selection-wise and only eat what works for you for life. You will look 10 years younger, live much longer, be 10 times happier, and lead a healthy and productive life. 

When you reach your goal weight you can revisit the foods you have exited, in moderation of course. The only fear you should have is not to put the weight on again.  Your judgment, discretion and discipline will guide you through with the Terminator by your side.



Should you decide to use the suggestions made in this article, anyone with medical problems or are currently on medical treatment should first consult their medical professionals before embarking on any suggestions in terms of food and exercise type in this article. The observations and suggestions made here are based purely on personal experience, observations and outcomes and may not be suitable for people who are inflicted with any medical conditions or have the propensity to suffer adversely from any form of weight management initiative. It is hereby published purely to share personal experiences and outcomes and not intended or  designed to mislead. Any persons deciding to embark on this program do so entirely at their own risk and discretion. This program is designed for consideration and discretionary application for adults only.

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