About Us

Strong Whispers is a global organisation that inspires and encourages people to articulate their thoughts and ideas, however profound, to make a significant positive difference to the world, its inhabitants and its future. There are now 7 billion people on earth and increasing. The challenge to co-exist successfully and survive is increasing unabatedly. The rich continue to get richer and the disadvantaged larger. Plutocrats are now the new earth lords. What is the role of world leaders and how do we the people influence change? What improvements do you want to see? This is the platform for you.

Strong Whispers gives you the opportunity to express your opinion and offer solutions to the world on any subject that will improve the status quo and contribute to a better world and life for the people no matter what the challenge is. This is a platform for you to bring your views to the world.

Change is taking place at an unprecedented rate. Technological advances and globalization is revolutionizing the world. Whilst great advances are being made, challenges such as:

  • the widening gap between rich and poor
  • wars and genocide
  • increasing population pressure on resources
  • corporate power
  • greed
  • power struggles
  • government
  • crime and corruption
  • environmental issues
  • recreation and having fun
  • health care, education and safety
  • exploitation and discrimination
  • slavery
  • technology and privacy
  • drugs and immorality
  • extinction
  • destruction of the environment
  • energy issues

and the list goes on.  All this amidst the advancement made by man into the twenty first century.


Strong Whispers will publish articles on varying contemporary subjects and invite visitors to comment and offer their opinions. The public’s ‘Strong Whispers’ will be placed on electronic banners for the world.  Over time, some of these views and opinions are expected to influence minority decision-makers with public opinion. With the power of the Internet, real time decisions supported by the public will become a reality. Let’s start now.

Our Topics

In this forum we invite decision makers, influential people, ordinary folk, innovative thinkers, anyone and everyone who has an idea that can alter the course and lead us away from destruction to preservation of our world for future generations to enjoy.

Your idea is not limited and can range from corporate greed, to education reform or change in world leadership to letting the people govern and make decisions on the way we treat the environment and exploitation of the resources . Stop the destruction of rain forests and eradicate poverty. How to extend life and save the world from destruction. How to aspire towards a better and safer civilization that everyone and everything can enjoy forever. How to bring joy to the world.

The possibilities are endless. But most importantly we want to end up with action and want to influence the world to change the mindset from exploitation, destruction and depression to preservation, fun and prosperity.

As we present a series of articles you are invited to express your thoughts and argue the pros and cons. There is nothing more powerful than a united people with imagination.