The things people pay for!

Recently the internet was abuzz about a female in Korea who was able to make a substantial living off of simply broadcasting herself eating food over the web. It shouldn’t be a surprise that people will pay money for odd services, so if you happen to be looking to make some extra money and are willing to take a couple [...]

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5 Companies that hire pensioners

Many pensioners decide to join the workforce once again because of personal and financial reasons. The number of employment options available to retirees is growing recently. There are a wide variety of companies in almost every industry that hire seniors today, from New York Life Insurance to McDonalds. The AARP's list of "Best Employers for Workers Over 50" for 2013 [...]

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20 seconds of insane courage

 (Names have been substituted to protect the identity of those involved) Bob was a towering giant and the company’s marketing director. The marketing director played one of the most strategic roles in ensuring the success of this multinational business.   He was an astute senior manager, experienced and highly qualified (law, science and business) feared and confident. He was very [...]

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How do you know if you are an entrepreneur?

The popular approach to this subject is the 10 most important…….. or the 5 must haves….. or the 8 most effective….. and so on.  These are often hard concepts and sometimes difficult to relate to and at the end of the day, even confusing. There is only one key driver that determines if you are an entrepreneur or not: “YOU [...]

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Top 5 Highest Paid Blogs

The world of making money online is getting more popular with each year that passes. As the Internet continues to expand, we are beginning to see an exciting new world of opportunity at our fingertips. Making a living with the internet used to bee a taboo notion but now it has become much more realistic than you may think. Top [...]

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10 Best Companies With Awesome Perks

Are you one of the thousands of people that have to reluctantly drag yourself to work everyday? Sadly, many people loathe the jobs that they depend on and grit their teeth throughout the daily grind. Bosses can be harsh, co-workers can be dramatic, and it seems like each day is a burden. Your Job Shouldn’t Feel Like a Chore Not [...]

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Immigration Reform Necessary

Immigration reform is a hot topic in the US and in the UK. Were it not for the controversy over Obamacare and the gridlock that characterises Washington, immigration reform would be at the top of the country’s political slate. Immigration reform will probably not get the attention of Congress until after the 2014 elections but it is very much on [...]

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Employment Creation: Work from home

Start a Career From Your Computer! For too long the hierarchical structure of the modern workplace has lead to people hating their jobs. We don’t want to be submissive, we don’t want to be treated unequally, and we most certainly don’t want to be fired for silly reasons. With the birth of the Internet a couple decades ago, the people [...]

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