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Crimes committed by police officers in charge of protecting the people

Crime has infiltrated its way to every part of our society today in small towns as well as large cities. We rely upon our society's heroes, cops, to ensure the streets are safe. But what happens when law enforcement officers are the ones committing crimes? Here are 4 such cases that make us wonder who we should be more afraid [...]

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Gifted: 4 Prodigies that Challenge Society’s Perspective on Disability

All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared to believe something inside them was superior to their circumstances. It is often those who are brave enough to overcome adversity, and even see adversity as a blessing, who have a real impact on the world. Despite this, disabled people are often viewed as burdens, or deemed outcasts, because healthy [...]

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5 Weird Things People are Actually Addicted Too

Addiction is a battle that nobody is exempt from fighting. It has the potential to touch nearly any aspect of your life, usually with unfavorable consequences. What we want to discuss today aren’t the type of habits that normally pop into your mind when you hear the word addiction. Not a man smoking a cigarette, a family mowing on fast [...]

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The things people pay for!

Recently the internet was abuzz about a female in Korea who was able to make a substantial living off of simply broadcasting herself eating food over the web. It shouldn’t be a surprise that people will pay money for odd services, so if you happen to be looking to make some extra money and are willing to take a couple [...]

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Making Easy Money on the Internet

The internet has redefined nearly every aspect of human life. Communication, employment and marketing have all changed. Individuals use it to connect with friends, get informed and play games. The real question, however, is can you benefit where it’s most important? Your wallet! Many profitable business models have crept up using the internet and some of them require people like [...]

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5 Tips for Finding a Great Millennial Relationship

There’s no doubt that the dating scene in our culture has changed a lot compared to older generations. Chilvary used to be a coat over a puddle, now it's more like a poke on Facebook. Our connectivity with technology and social media has transformed the way we communicate. It seems that your best chance in getting hooked up with someone [...]

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Inspirational stories of survival under extreme conditions

In "Life of Pi", Pi managed to survive at sea for 227 days after a shipwreck. For most of us, the idea of finding ourselves lost on a deserted island or at sea without water, cell phones, laptop or food is unimaginable. However, every now and then we hear about unfathomable stories of people who find the strength and the [...]

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Traveling Across Norway in 15 Photos

Whenever you come across an article with a title like ‘the most beautiful landscapes in the world’ or ‘top 10 greatest road trips’, chances are that Norway is on that list as well. If it’s not, then it probably should be. Norway has more than 25,000km of coastline, roughly half of which is located north of the Arctic Circle. Northern Norway [...]

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Life Lessons Taught by Your Favorite Cartoons

Remember those mornings you spent as a kid entertaining yourself with cartoons over a bowl of sugary cereal? I certainly do, and I never wanted that time to end. My mom would pull at my shirt and say, “Listen Adam, you’re going to learn much more in school than you will in these silly cartoons.” Life Lessons Taught by Your [...]

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When athletes go bad

Sporting events ideally should be enjoyable for the players as well as the spectators. However, the players sometimes make it quite unpleasant by indulging in reckless behavior and throwing a fit about the outcome of the game. Over the decades there have been countless instances of unsportsmanlike behavior by some of the most well known athletes. Given below is a [...]

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