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The Controversy of Match Fixing in Professional Sports

Match fixing is the act of purposefully manipulating the outcome of a sporting event, usually for a specific incentive. There are countless slang terms for it, throwing, tanking, flopping, dumping, each of which is usually specific to a designated sport. Regardless of the name, there is no sport exempt from match fixing since it’s as easy as purposefully losing. It [...]

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People are Hallucinating Without Drugs!

One thing that simply astounds me about the human brain is that even with all the years of research, scientists are still finding out new things about it every year. Hallucinations are described as perceiving something that isn’t actually in existence as reality and are commonly associated with either drug use or mental health issues. But hallucinations don’t have to [...]

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The Best Anime Shows and Movies For People Who Don’t Like Anime

Many people still have the perception that anime is liked primarily by children or, well, weirdoes. Seriously, be honest. We all remember in high school the kids who openly talked about anime were a little eccentric or odd. But like any entertainment medium, there are always going to be stereotypes and it’s going to take a little effort to find [...]

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A tribute to these Medal of Honor Recipients

The prestigious Medal of Honor has been awarded by the President of United States to over 3,400 recipients. Some of the bravest and the most selfless Coast Guardsmen, Marines, Airmen, Sailors and Soldiers receive this decoration to pay tribute to their acts of heroism and bravery. All soldiers deserve our respect and honor because they do what most of us [...]

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3 Amazing New Uses for Airbag Technology

The airbag is a safety device that can be held accountable for saving thousands of lives. Since it was announced for commercial use in automobiles in the 1970s, safety experts have continually worked on improving the design and functionality of the bags. Now they come standard in nearly every single car on the road. The following airbags go beyond the [...]

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5 Hazardous Additives In Your Diet

According to the American Dietetic Association, only 51% of people pay attention to ingredient labels when purchasing food. Is checking these labels an unnecessary hassle or a critical endeavor? As it turns out, checking labels has become essential to staying healthy, due to the adverse effects of chemicals and other additives in food products. Here are 5 common additives to [...]

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10 Most expensive Cities to live in

Whether you're trying to save money for a financial goal or simply feeling the pinch, it will probably not be a good idea to live in any of the cities mentioned in this list. According to the Mercer's Cost of Living Survey 2013, these 10 cities are currently the most expensive to live in: 10. Sydney, Australia One of the [...]

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Tech-Savvy: 8 Tech Blogs You Should Be Reading

With so many tech blogs available on the Web today, it’s easy to get lost in numerous sites that you can’t tell one from another. While there are many tech blogs available, there are only a few that provide the daily news you want to read. We have sorted through the massive list, and have 8 tech blogs to recommend [...]

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5 Most Successful Money Launderers in History

It’s hard for someone to build a profitable criminal empire these days without having a way to conceal their earnings. When you start collecting hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars without a good explanation, the government begins to voice their concern. It’s this problem that lead to the birth of money laundering. The Most Successful Money Launderers in History [...]

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10 Brave Journalists That Deserve Respect

News broadcasting is the most constantly demanded area in the entertainment industry. Whenever something important is happening in our society, we turn to the news to deliver the information as soon as possible. Whether it is a televised broadcast, newspaper article, or online information, people will continue to rely on news to stay up to date with controversial issues. The [...]

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