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5 Bizarre Acts of Body Modification

I remember the first time I was desensitized to the concept of body modification. I was working at the register in a grocery store and an older looking biker plopped a basket filled with sirloin steaks on the counter. He was decked out in leather and the gallery of metal piercings jingled from his cartilage whenever he moved. When he [...]

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5 Weird Things People are Actually Addicted Too

Addiction is a battle that nobody is exempt from fighting. It has the potential to touch nearly any aspect of your life, usually with unfavorable consequences. What we want to discuss today aren’t the type of habits that normally pop into your mind when you hear the word addiction. Not a man smoking a cigarette, a family mowing on fast [...]

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This Week in Amazing: Futuristic Transportation That Exists Now

In this week in amazing we will be discussing the the innovation in transportation that is happening as you read this. Feel free to drop us a note about something worthy that we may have missed! Wind the clock back a few hundred years and first thing you might notice is the stench of horse faeces and the absence of [...]

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Does the War on Drugs do More Bad Than Good?

When I was younger, the War on Drugs seemed like a great concept. Drugs are bad after all; why not wage a war against them? Should we really place our faith in a concept coined by Richard Nixon? He isn’t known for being history’s most trustworthy leader. After further investigation into the battle on elicit substances, I realized that the [...]

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5 Tips for Finding a Great Millennial Relationship

There’s no doubt that the dating scene in our culture has changed a lot compared to older generations. Chilvary used to be a coat over a puddle, now it's more like a poke on Facebook. Our connectivity with technology and social media has transformed the way we communicate. It seems that your best chance in getting hooked up with someone [...]

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Life Lessons Taught by Your Favorite Cartoons

Remember those mornings you spent as a kid entertaining yourself with cartoons over a bowl of sugary cereal? I certainly do, and I never wanted that time to end. My mom would pull at my shirt and say, “Listen Adam, you’re going to learn much more in school than you will in these silly cartoons.” Life Lessons Taught by Your [...]

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How to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Brace Yourselves Single People It’s that time of the year again. When the colours red and pink reign supreme. On the radio we hear gushy love songs, the television channels are stuffed with romantic programming, and social media pages are loaded with pictures of happy couples embracing each other. It’s Valentine's season. Valentine’s Day is a time when people get [...]

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The Controversy of Match Fixing in Professional Sports

Match fixing is the act of purposefully manipulating the outcome of a sporting event, usually for a specific incentive. There are countless slang terms for it, throwing, tanking, flopping, dumping, each of which is usually specific to a designated sport. Regardless of the name, there is no sport exempt from match fixing since it’s as easy as purposefully losing. It [...]

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Venture Capital Fuels Our Modern Connected World

Let’s face it, at times the specifics behind a successful growing business can be boring. Not many people are excited about watching a business slowly build its way up year after year until it has a dominating presence in its industry. Granted, looking back on the stories of slow growing businesses  can be entertaining, but who wants to pay attention [...]

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This Week in Amazing: SONY’s Personal Hallucination Console

Welcome to the first instalment in a series of articles on Strong Whispers called “This Week in Amazing”! Each week we will explore fascinating concepts and developments in our ever-changing world. Feel free to share this info and if you would like to suggest something totally AMAZING, drop us a comment at the end of this article. We will be sure to [...]

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