Hollywood and drugs

For decades, Hollywood singers, actors and performers have died because of drug overdoses. Famous celebrities like Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson have been victims to these unfortunate circumstances. Recent news of the sudden death of Philip Seymour Hoffman due to overdose has once again shocked the industry as well as fans. According to an estimate about 66% of [...]

Guinness world records

The Guinness World Records is considered to be the effective authority when it comes to the requirements for setting world records and deciding who should get those records. Because of its popularity in the last few years, it has become the main international organization to catalog and verify an overwhelming number of world records.   How are the world records [...]

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This Week in Amazing: SONY’s Personal Hallucination Console

Welcome to the first instalment in a series of articles on Strong Whispers called “This Week in Amazing”! Each week we will explore fascinating concepts and developments in our ever-changing world. Feel free to share this info and if you would like to suggest something totally AMAZING, drop us a comment at the end of this article. We will be sure to [...]

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The Best Anime Shows and Movies For People Who Don’t Like Anime

Many people still have the perception that anime is liked primarily by children or, well, weirdoes. Seriously, be honest. We all remember in high school the kids who openly talked about anime were a little eccentric or odd. But like any entertainment medium, there are always going to be stereotypes and it’s going to take a little effort to find [...]

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Why Gamers make Great Innovators

The stereotype of what constitutes today’s average gamer is certainly less than flattering, as gamers are usually portrayed by the film and television industries in two different manners; ridiculously obsessive compulsive anti-social shut-ins or aggressive “bro gamers” who love to sling racial slurs and jokes about your mom over their headset while they teabag you in some military-esque shooter. It [...]

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The Downfall of Bieber: When Child Stars Go Bad

At one time they stood as cultural icons. They cultivated a huge following of children and adults alike who reveled at their success. But why do we see some of the most successful child stars fall down a slippery slope after maturing? Macaulay Culkin Remember that adorable little kid that played the role of Kevin in the Home Alone movies? [...]

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Having More Fun With Rental Cars

When the concept of automobiles were first popularised in the late 1800s, they were considered more of an expensive luxury than anything. Eventually the designs became more practical, efficient, and affordable for the public. When Ford released his model T in 1908 average families were finally given the option to purchase a vehicle. Since then, there have been incredible developments [...]

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Sexism and Women in Gaming

The depiction of women in video games and the issue of sexism within the gaming industry is certainly not a new topic, but it is always in need of being addressed. It has been over a year and a half since Anita Sarkeesian first posted her Kickstarter for Tropes vs Women in Video Games, with the community responding with nothing [...]

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Why my 2 year old loves One Direction.

Popular Boy band One Direction (1D) has has been hitting the charts hard since their 2010 XFactor third place finish. They have been consistently topping charts and are set to dominate next month at the 2014 Brit awards. Whatever they are doing, they seem to be doing right. Just the other day, I found my 2 year old daughter pointing [...]

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Memoirs of a Time Lapse Photographer

Documenting our lives has become a part of who we are as people. When we walk down the street and see something that sparks our interest, we take a quick photograph and automatically decide which social media it should be shared with. That moment means something to us, however, the process of capturing time becomes unappreciated and undervalued. Sometimes we [...]

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