Crimes committed by police officers in charge of protecting the people

Crime has infiltrated its way to every part of our society today in small towns as well as large cities. We rely upon our society's heroes, cops, to ensure the streets are safe. But what happens when law enforcement officers are the ones committing crimes? Here are 4 such cases that make us wonder who we should be more afraid [...]

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Gifted: 4 Prodigies that Challenge Society’s Perspective on Disability

All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared to believe something inside them was superior to their circumstances. It is often those who are brave enough to overcome adversity, and even see adversity as a blessing, who have a real impact on the world. Despite this, disabled people are often viewed as burdens, or deemed outcasts, because healthy [...]

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Hollywood and drugs

For decades, Hollywood singers, actors and performers have died because of drug overdoses. Famous celebrities like Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson have been victims to these unfortunate circumstances. Recent news of the sudden death of Philip Seymour Hoffman due to overdose has once again shocked the industry as well as fans. According to an estimate about 66% of [...]

5 of James Randi’s Biggest Debunkings

Our cultures love and fear the unknown. Mystical magic tricks and supernatural phenomena give us both sparks of enjoyment and skepticism. You might think that magicians and illusionists are the pioneers for misguiding the public with trickery. James Randi stands in blatant contrast to that stereotype. James is very popular for his career as an escape artist and a performing [...]

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20 seconds of insane courage

 (Names have been substituted to protect the identity of those involved) Bob was a towering giant and the company’s marketing director. The marketing director played one of the most strategic roles in ensuring the success of this multinational business.   He was an astute senior manager, experienced and highly qualified (law, science and business) feared and confident. He was very [...]

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Why women make better leaders

Most political leaders, CEOs and other powerful positions in companies are held by men. Yet, time and again it has been claimed that women are better leaders than men. The few powerful women that we've seen in our society are perceived to be lonely, emotional, tough and icy. These perceptions convey the general thoughts and anxieties we have about women [...]

10 Brave Journalists That Deserve Respect

News broadcasting is the most constantly demanded area in the entertainment industry. Whenever something important is happening in our society, we turn to the news to deliver the information as soon as possible. Whether it is a televised broadcast, newspaper article, or online information, people will continue to rely on news to stay up to date with controversial issues. The [...]

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Puppy Mills – Why we need to adopt dogs from shelters instead of supporting puppy mills

Getting a puppy is perhaps one of the most exciting things in a child's or even an adult's life. However, before you head out the door to purchase a puppy from a pet store, take the time to know and understand the truth behind these cute puppies. Puppy Mills- Behind the Scenes   When you come across an advertisement of [...]

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Mission to Mars: Call Yourself the First Martian

Calling All Potential Martians! A century ago, if you told someone that a human would walk on the moon they would have probably said you were crazy. A hundred years and six successful moon landings later, the question is no longer whether or not we can make it there. Instead, we find ourselves asking: What next? Humans don’t like stopping [...]

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3 Amazing People That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

People for a Better Tomorrow As we frequently discuss on this site, the society we live in is changing at an unbelievable rate. We have seen a lot of good changes but unfortunately have had to live with tragic ones as well. Fighting is happening around the world as citizens clash in ideology with their governments. The rich are getting [...]

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