7 Lessons We Should Teach Our Kids

A Changing World With Changing Children When the societies we live in develops, so do the generations of children raised in them. Several hundred years ago there wasn’t an astonishing rate of change like there is today. Since the lifestyles were only slowly changing, each subsequent generation was very much alike. Now that we are entering the millennial age and [...]

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10 Most powerful people in the world

Throughout history, a small number of men and women have managed to wield an unbelievable amount of power over the rest of the population because of their position, their wealth and their influence. Here's our list of the 10 most powerful individuals that have made an impact on our society today: 10. Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth: $19 Billion Facebook's Cofounder [...]

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What Would You Do?

$22 million Lotto Winner from Christchurch, New Zealand A few weeks ago, Big Wednesday, one of the largest lotto jackpots in New Zealand (22 million NZ dollars) was struck by a single ticket purchased in Christchurch, a city devastated and damaged by a severe earthquake in February 2011 killing 185 people. The country was pleased that a person from Christchurch [...]

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Customer Silence vs. Business Success

Ever wondered what your customer is thinking? It’s high time you did because what your customer is thinking affects the success of your business. Here are some interesting observations about what customers will not articulate and as a business you should be cognizant of.   Customer (What’s inside your Customer’s head.) Business (Action by Business) Easy Anytime Access Customers desire [...]

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What do Bill Gates and Joel Osteen have in common?

Very little one would imagine but both are regarded as philanthropists.   Bill Gates Bill Gates together with his buddy Paul Allen founded Microsoft, one of the forerunners of the modern day computer era, specialists in computer software development and the universally popular Windows and Microsoft Office products. Microsoft revolutionized the personal computer industry with their operating systems and office [...]

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