Ever wondered what your customer is thinking?

It’s high time you did because what your customer is thinking affects the success of your business. Here are some interesting observations about what customers will not articulate and as a business you should be cognizant of.



(What’s inside your Customer’s head.)


(Action by Business)

Easy Anytime Access

Customers desire easy anytime access to resolve problems.

Is your business geared to respond anytime to customer calls for help?

Face View

Customers prefer to deal with the person they are comfortable and confident with and don’t like people changes.

Do you have a people register that is  customer specific?

Looks do matter

 Customers like to deal with people who are clean, well groomed and present themselves in a pleasant and professional manner.

Does your organization have a tested dress code consistent with its profile and targets?

Get your facts right

Customers don’t like speculation about themselves.

Research your customers before you Talk.

Don’t confuse your customers

Customers hate complexity.

Keep it simple. Avoid confusing your customer.


Customers are looking for a reason to give you their money

Do you have a plan to impress your customer?


Customers like to be delighted. A gift with purchase and praise could go a long way.

Does your company have a ‘delight the customer’ strategy?


Customers like an opportunity to talk.

Are you listening more and  talking less?

Have Fun

Customers generally are seeking a low stress- fun experience

If you are not having fun, then you are not doing it right. Smile and see the lighter side.

If you are seeking opportunities to continue to improve your business then understanding your customer may be a good place to start.  How many of the above   attributes are you proficient at and how many are you still exploring? The results might surprise you.  Give it a go and tell us your stories.

Examples of companies who care about ‘what the customer is thinking’  –  and are reaping the benefits.


  • Apple online support community
  • No nonsense replacement policy
  • User friendly kiosks
  • Ranked second most profitable company in the world – Fortune 500



  • Domain Registrar and Web Host.
  • Promotes direct communication.
  • You can always talk to someone.

Coca Cola

  • Mission to inspire moments of optimism and happiness.
  • Having Fun.
  • Give customers a reason to spend their money.
  • Entertainment for the whole family. From movies to theme parks.
  • Focus on looks, hygiene, efficiency and fun.
  • Simple, fast and efficient 24/7.

Red Bull

  • Red Bull gives you wings. Energiser. YOU.


Let us know what you think?

Which companies do you try to model yourself after?

Any advice for the up and coming entrepreneurs?


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