A Changing World With Changing Children

When the societies we live in develops, so do the generations of children raised in them. Several hundred years ago there wasn’t an astonishing rate of change like there is today. Since the lifestyles were only slowly changing, each subsequent generation was very much alike. Now that we are entering the millennial age and the world around us is changing exponentially, it’s a different story.

Changing for the Worse?

Now, with rampant technological advances the generation gap is growing smaller and each group is becoming much more different. Life is being made so easy and simple for children that they are missing out on valuable lessons that shape them into helpful members of society. We are losing touch with our ability to program these naturally taught lessons into our children’s minds.

Parents shouldn’t abandon all hope however! The following list describes seven valuable lessons that will get your kid on the right track. Starting at the youngest age possible, these points will help your kid develop a profound sense of respect and appreciation for the life they live.

1. Money isn’t Everything

One of the main issues surrounding our booming industries is the drive for financial gain. Kids see the companies and media around them driven by money. As a result, kids are starting to believe that money is the true source of happiness and success. Teach your children that currency is something we made to make life easier and that real success is doing what makes you happy.


2. Money isn’t Nothing Either

It’s kind of an odd circle. Kids are learning to strive for money and seemingly losing touch with their spending skills at the same time. When they are young they don’t see how everything around them has some sort of value. Teach your kid that money is something that should be handled carefully in order to ensure a comfortable life. From the dinner they eat to the cartoons they watch, show them how money impacts their lives.

3. Imagination is the Best Game Console

With all the electronics and advances with the internet, kids are losing the incentive to use their imagination. Why play pretend when you can play for real on a smart phone? Don’t let your kid lose touch with their innocence and make sure they have time away from electronics to keep their imagination sharp.


4. Be Your Own Person

A lot of kids fall into the habit of following a crowd and losing their genuine personality. They find comfort in belonging with others but as a result lose touch with who they really are and what they want with life. Teach your kid the value of being their own person and show them the beauty of a life off of the beaten path.

5. Ignore the Symbols of Media

It is sad to see the way that our media seems to brainwash the children surrounded by it. Advertisements and entertainment set unrealistic expectations for men and women. As a result kids can never be happy with themselves. Try showing your kid how fake the media symbols are and keep them from becoming too attached to them.

6. Appreciate the People in Your Life

This is a lesson that even most adults need to pick up. Many people don’t realize how much the people in their life mean to them until they are gone. Don’t let your kids act ungratefully towards other friends and family that have contributed to their upbringing. Talk to them about all the great things people have done for them and how it has helped them grow as a person.

7. Kindness is Contagious


Some kids avoid kindness simply because they haven’t found out how it helps them as well. Teach them the law of equivalent exchange: when someone does something kind for you, you should pass it on. Once they experience the gift of giving kindness, it is much less likely that they will lead a disrespectful lifestyle.

Adam St. Pierre

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