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Simple Websites Make Money

The look and feel of the internet has evolved immensely since the first www pages came into existence. Companies have strived to improve user interfaces and overall user experiences by introducing, flashy, creative, feature rich websites that give it a bit of a wow factor. And that is good, surfers love wow. But in actual fact, it's the unsuspectingly simple [...]

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Top 5 Highest Paid Blogs

The world of making money online is getting more popular with each year that passes. As the Internet continues to expand, we are beginning to see an exciting new world of opportunity at our fingertips. Making a living with the internet used to bee a taboo notion but now it has become much more realistic than you may think. Top [...]

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10 Biggest Gaming Mistakes of 2013

2013 was unquestionably a great year for gaming, which saw the release of dozens of remarkable, unique, and amazing games, along with the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One. But, like most industries, there are bound to be failures, and 2013 was no different for the gaming industry. From truly atrocious games to media personalities losing their cool, here [...]

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10 Best Companies With Awesome Perks

Are you one of the thousands of people that have to reluctantly drag yourself to work everyday? Sadly, many people loathe the jobs that they depend on and grit their teeth throughout the daily grind. Bosses can be harsh, co-workers can be dramatic, and it seems like each day is a burden. Your Job Shouldn’t Feel Like a Chore Not [...]

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5 Motivational Wartime Stories You Have to Hear

Nobody looks forward to times of war. The concept of the same species killing because of small disagreements is a disheartening one to think about. In times of war we have to endure suffering and witness terrible things. The recent addition of WW1 soldier diaries to national online archives details the horrors of war from the perspective of British soldiers. [...]

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3 Myths About Catching Lies

One of life's curious truths is that no one appreciates being lied to, yet everyone engages in the activity. In fact, some research suggests we may be lied to as many as 200 times a day. Strangely, even with so many opportunities for lie catching, the average person detects lies with only 54% accuracy--scarcely better than chance. Thus, most liars [...]

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5 Unsuspecting online celebrities

The internet has played a vital role in bringing talent to the notice of the general public. Artists like Justin Bieber first rose to fame online. However, there are plenty of online celebs that are still relatively unknown to mainstream media. These are 5 such online celebrities yet to be discovered: 5. Jonathan Mann   Jonathan Mann is a unique [...]

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Three Superfoods You Should Be Eating

So what exactly is a superfood? Does it wear a cape and fight crime with laser vision? Not exactly, but that would be pretty awesome. Superfood is a term that nutritional experts made to classify foods that are loaded with health benefits. Each one is jam packed with nutritional benefits that encourage a healthy lifestyle and even yield potential medical [...]

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Changing the Face of Tech: Our Top 10 CES 2014 Picks

CES 2014 has now come and gone, but some of the tech introduced at the event will likely remain on our minds as we journey through 2014. Here are a few of our favourite picks from CES 2014 that we believe will change the face of tech as we know it.   Asus Transformer Book Duet (TD300) Samsung made us [...]

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5 Windows 8 Vulnerabilities We Should All Know About

1. Picture Passwords Are Easily Cracked Windows 8 has introduced a new picture based authentication process. The way it works is that you draw 3 points on an image of your choice to log in; similar to Android’s swipe lock screen. This was supposed to be a significant improvement over Android’s version because it supports 3 random points chosen by [...]

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