The look and feel of the internet has evolved immensely since the first www pages came into existence. Companies have strived to improve user interfaces and overall user experiences by introducing, flashy, creative, feature rich websites that give it a bit of a wow factor. And that is good, surfers love wow. But in actual fact, it’s the unsuspectingly simple websites that web users really love. We have listed a few here that you may want to check out. We’ll keep the discussion to a minimal so you can go and check out these sites.

4. (Alexa Rank : 71)

A link sharing, question asking,  discussion inspiring site that is a simple concept, very well built from a techie perspective, extremely fast and to the point.

3.  (Alexa Rank: 50)

Something that started as a bit of a hobby, Craigslist is a great listing site. List anything from jobs, to items for sale. It introduces a great deal of location granularity and audience targeting which makes it great for selling stuff that requires a pickup, or finding jobs or employees in your local area.

2. (Alexa Rank: 60)

Very simple. Upload an image, share it to the world!.  Need we say more?

Here are some of our favourite pix:


1. (Alexa Rank: 1166) – Our favourite. may not be the highest ranking compared to the previous 3 sites, but it is by far one of the simplest and to the point sites around. It facilitates sharing of top videos that are funny, inspiring, motivating, educational…. Go have a look but be prepared to spend hours watching vids and it is seemingly addictive!


We hope you like our list. Have you got a favourite yet simple website to share with us. Drop us a note below in the comments.


Images: Flickr