Are you one of the thousands of people that have to reluctantly drag yourself to work everyday? Sadly, many people loathe the jobs that they depend on and grit their teeth throughout the daily grind. Bosses can be harsh, co-workers can be dramatic, and it seems like each day is a burden.

Your Job Shouldn’t Feel Like a Chore

Not all companies treat their workers like slaves however. In fact, there are many out there that actually acknowledge their workers with unique benefits in an effort to show their appreciation for them. They give out awesome benefits in order to stimulate the employee’s interest in working for them and encourage a healthy working environment. Listed below are ten of the coolest companies to work for and the unique perks they offer to employees.


This well known website has had a lot of success in providing travelers with a variety of accommodations in their ventures around the globe. It only makes sense that their major perk encourages the workers to travel. Once a year, the company dishes out $2000 to each worker and tells them to use it to travel somewhere they haven’t been.

New Belgium Brewing

Based out of Colorado this brewery isn’t afraid to share its success with the workers that made it possible. After someone has worked for the company for over 5 years, they actually pay to have that employee sent to Belgium for fun. If 5 years seems like a long time the free beer at the end of each day should be enough incentive to hang in there!

Grasshopper Group

Grasshopper is a service that entrepreneurs use virtually through their smartphones. Remember how excited you got when you were a kid in school and they gave you a half-day? Well with this company, every single Friday in the summer is a paid half-day.


A lot of people that find a decent job have to completely relocate in order to work there. This investing company doesn’t believe that workers should have to leave their lives behind to make a living. They have opened 20 extra branches in different areas just so employees could stay where they originally were.


Decades ago the workplace was a terrible place for women. Hallmark completely reversed that role and has an impressive 63% of female executives and managers. They also encourage employee coexistence through gatherings like bike rides and softball games.


Working at Starbucks can be sweet at the corporate level thanks to the gym and impressive health benefits. If you work at one of the many branches you don’t have to miss out either. Baristas also enjoy health benefits, not to mention a free pound of their awesome coffee every week.

Dealer started with humble beginnings and branched off into a massively successful internet platform for car dealerships to advertise.  They big wigs haven’t hogged all the benefits of success either. Their headquarters is loaded with a full gym, sand volleyball court, and even mini-putt on the rooftop!

SC Johnson & Son

The company behind huge brands like windex, plege, and glade knows how stressful it is to juggle real life with working. They provide each of their employees with a unique concierge service that runs everyday errands for them. Workers don’t have to worry about shopping around for insurance, doing groceries, sending packages, or anything else you would normally stress about during the workday.


There is a reason that people would practically kill to get a job with this Internet giant. They pamper each employee with unrivalled benefits and practically treat them like royalty. A job here can lead to free lunch/dinner, yoga, massages, car washes, and even routine oil changes.


If working for a big company doesn’t sound like your cup of tea you don’t have to just to get benefits. This article discusses the life of working as your own boss and goes into greater detail about the lifestyle of self-employment. As long as you have the right discipline you can make money and treat yourself as much as you want.


What companies would you want to work for if given the chance? Is working for a big company better than a small one? Share your thoughts with a comment below!


Adam St. Pierre

Image Credits: Google