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How to Cure the January Blues

With such great highs at the end of each year it is no wonder that people go through such depressing lows at the beginning of the next one. Coming out of the holiday season and New Years, a lot of people experience a big shift in emotions during January. After the excitement boils down we are left to consider the [...]

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3 Amazing New Uses for Airbag Technology

The airbag is a safety device that can be held accountable for saving thousands of lives. Since it was announced for commercial use in automobiles in the 1970s, safety experts have continually worked on improving the design and functionality of the bags. Now they come standard in nearly every single car on the road. The following airbags go beyond the [...]

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London’s SkyCycle Program Innovates Bike Travel

There is almost no headache bigger than the one that comes from commuting to work. The streets are congested when you’re late, if you take a train it gets crowded and dirty, and it seems like there is never enough coffee to get you through all the madness. Many people have turned to biking as a clean and stress free [...]

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The Blackfish Documentary: A Look at SeaWorld Corruption

When you were younger, SeaWorld might have seemed like a magical place. They have a variety of aquatic species that perform jaw-dropping stunts with a team of trainers. A trademark animal for the park has always been the killer whale, but there is a shocking truth behind the containment of these animals. The Blackfish movie is a popular trending documentary [...]

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Why You Should Start Saving For Christmas Now

We’ve all done it before. Putting something off until last minute and paid the price for it. Figuring out you were ill prepared for something can be a real bummer, especially when it has to deal with the holidays. It is a time for cheer, family bonding, and the gift of giving. If you aren’t prepared for it though you [...]

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Could You Become a Victim of Food Contamination?

You might think that since we’ve come such a long way with processing food consistently and keeping hunger away that the things we eat are completely reliable. The problem with our expanding population is that food needs to be processed on a much larger scale, making it difficult to carefully monitor everything that is shipped out to our food markets. [...]

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5 Most Successful Money Launderers in History

It’s hard for someone to build a profitable criminal empire these days without having a way to conceal their earnings. When you start collecting hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars without a good explanation, the government begins to voice their concern. It’s this problem that lead to the birth of money laundering. The Most Successful Money Launderers in History [...]

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10 Brave Journalists That Deserve Respect

News broadcasting is the most constantly demanded area in the entertainment industry. Whenever something important is happening in our society, we turn to the news to deliver the information as soon as possible. Whether it is a televised broadcast, newspaper article, or online information, people will continue to rely on news to stay up to date with controversial issues. The [...]

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Top 5 Highest Paid Blogs

The world of making money online is getting more popular with each year that passes. As the Internet continues to expand, we are beginning to see an exciting new world of opportunity at our fingertips. Making a living with the internet used to bee a taboo notion but now it has become much more realistic than you may think. Top [...]

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10 Best Companies With Awesome Perks

Are you one of the thousands of people that have to reluctantly drag yourself to work everyday? Sadly, many people loathe the jobs that they depend on and grit their teeth throughout the daily grind. Bosses can be harsh, co-workers can be dramatic, and it seems like each day is a burden. Your Job Shouldn’t Feel Like a Chore Not [...]

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