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12 Years a Slave, Are We Still Slaves?

A Realization Through Film Since its release in November of 2013, the film 12 Years a Slave has wowed the critics and raised the bar for slavery movies. Django was great, but it felt more like an action packed glorification of slavery rather than a historical account. Steve McQueen did an awesome job directing the tale of Solomon Northup, a [...]

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5 Biggest Natural Disasters In Our Lifetime

Nature Can Be Cruel Sometimes the cruelest disasters our society can experience are the ones that occur naturally. Extreme weather conditions and the natural processes of our planet are unbiased towards humanity. They strike wherever and whenever, claiming thousands of victims every year. Things like floods, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes have been an issue for as long as the earth [...]

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Amazon Drone Delivery: Should You Be Worried?

Amazon Prime Air Takes to the Skies The days of simple RC cars that take AA batteries is long gone. With developments in technology, recent years have seen some stunning innovations in the developments of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), otherwise known as drones. As these amazing machines rip through the skies at high speeds without a single person aboard, some [...]

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Secret Societies and Their Cultural Impact

Successful Secret Societies Throughout history there have been multiple secret societies that have formed around the world. Most of them keep their meetings, members, and policies hidden from anyone that isn’t involved in them. This article lists a few that have recruited many famous members and hold an important role in society. Since not much is known about them, people [...]

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Common Health Scams That Sabotage Success

Are Health Myths Holding You Back? Life before fast food chains and corporate employment was a lot easier on our overall health. It’s no wonder that each industrialized country is experiencing a rise in health issues like obesity and diabetes. Now that people are beginning to realize how much better a healthy and fit lifestyle is, we see a lot [...]

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3 Amazing People That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

People for a Better Tomorrow As we frequently discuss on this site, the society we live in is changing at an unbelievable rate. We have seen a lot of good changes but unfortunately have had to live with tragic ones as well. Fighting is happening around the world as citizens clash in ideology with their governments. The rich are getting [...]

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7 Lessons We Should Teach Our Kids

A Changing World With Changing Children When the societies we live in develops, so do the generations of children raised in them. Several hundred years ago there wasn’t an astonishing rate of change like there is today. Since the lifestyles were only slowly changing, each subsequent generation was very much alike. Now that we are entering the millennial age and [...]

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A Bucket List You Can Be Proud Of

What Have You Done With Your Life? One of the beautiful things about life is the fact that you are in complete control of it. Society may try and convince you that you have to go a certain direction, live a specific life, and strive for universal goals. In reality, we are all the captains of our own ships. Consider [...]

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10 Adrenaline Junkie Sports That Will Blow You Away

What's Your Hobby? Everybody has their own unique ways of entertaining themselves. For some it's collecting stamps and growing small vegetable gardens. For others entertainment includes hurling yourself off of cliffs and cruising at speeds of over 100 MPH. Adrenaline junkies are a unique breed of human. They have an addiction to things that get their mind fired up - [...]

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Is Commercialisation Squeezing the Essence Out of Culture?

A Whole New World The rate at which human society is developing is quite jaw dropping when you consider the recent technological bounds we have made. For thousands of years we had primitive technology, isolated cultures, and knew little about the areas beyond our own influence. Now it takes about three seconds for you to pull out an iPhone and [...]

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