The world of making money online is getting more popular with each year that passes. As the Internet continues to expand, we are beginning to see an exciting new world of opportunity at our fingertips. Making a living with the internet used to bee a taboo notion but now it has become much more realistic than you may think.

Top 5 Highest Paid Blogs

With a minimal amount of effort, you can easily use a website to make a passive side income for a little extra spending money. As a blogger, you don’t have to restrict yourself to a tiny paycheck however. With the right determination, hard work, and industry knowledge, you could actually make yourself rich with a blog. The following high income blogs are shining examples of the financial potential the Internet has that is just waiting to be tapped into. We have tried to analyse traffic information and various other sources to come up with our value estimates and hence they are an approximation.

5. Smashing Magazine – Monthly Income: $190,000

The first blog on our list is owned by man named Vitaly Friedman. Vitaly is an Internet enthusiast that used his passion for creative and unique content to build his internet empire. He founded the website back in 2006 mainly for the use of web designers. The site posts content related to the hottest trends in web developing with mobile devices, WordPress, and coding. Most of the money generated on the site comes through the use of advertising banners.

4. Techcrunch – Monthly Income: $400,000

Techcrunch is a blog that is owned by California native Michael Arrington. Michael took advantage of his lifetime exposure to the Silicon Valley and started a website to cover the exciting advancements in it. was founded in June of 2005 and has since grown to get over 12 million unique visitors every month. The blog covers all things related to technology including media, startups, and product reviews.  The main source of income for this blog is through advertising banners.

3. Perez Hilton – Monthly Income: $450,000

This blog is owned by Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. but you may know him by his nickname, Perez Hilton. He began as a freelance writer and used his eccentric and entertaining attitude to start his own successful blog. takes full advantage of all the hottest celebrity gossip. It mixes humor with pop culture to stimulate the interest of millions of viewers every month, making Perez the 3rd highest paid blog owner. The main source of income for this blog is also banner advertising.

2. Mashable – Monthly Income: $560,000

This successful blog is owned by the 29 year old Pete Cashmore. He founded the site in Aberdeen, Scotland back in 2005 and has since traveled back and forth between Scotland and the United States frequently. covers a wide variety of content for any internet connected millennial. It discusses social media, tech, entertainment, business, and many more hot topics. The main source of income for Pete’s site is through banner advertising.

1. The Huffington Post – Monthly Income: $2,330,000

It makes sense that the highest paid blog owner would be the well known journalist Arianna Huffington. was launched in May of 2005 and has grown to cover an impressive diversity of topics. The site draws in tons of traffic by covering the latest news in politics, technology, media, lifestyle, and anything else that people are eager to hear about. This site’s main income source is through PPC advertising.

If these highest paid blogs made you curious about the world of making money online, this article could be a good introduction for you. It covers the basics of working from the internet and discusses the benefits associated with.

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