Amazon Drone Delivery: Should You Be Worried?

Amazon Prime Air Takes to the Skies The days of simple RC cars that take AA batteries is long gone. With developments in technology, recent years have seen some stunning innovations in the developments of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), otherwise known as drones. As these amazing machines rip through the skies at high speeds without a single person aboard, some [...]

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10 Technology Failures of 2013

 2014 is here already and now we have the opportunity to look back at all the tech achievements of the year from a whole new perspective. Some would say that the year 2013 was marked by the great advancements in the field of technology. For some others, this year talks of failure. Our belief is in true cynicism and that’s [...]

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Is the Gunsmith Liable?

French political economist Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) published a satire essay entitled “The Candle Maker's Petition” in 1845. In the essay, all manufacturers of artificial lighting, as well as the “producers of tallow, oil, resin, alcohol, and generally of everything connected with lighting” petition for protection against the sun's unfair competition. “If you shut off as much as possible all access [...]

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Online and digital privacy; How secure do you think you are!

Online and digital privacy denote the rights of a person to browse, upload, download or store data on the internet without any interference from a third party. We need to be aware of our activities on the internet and actively try to keep that information private. Posting pretty much anything on the internet can potentially and inadvertently turn out to [...]

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Best Portable Gadgets of 2013

Best Portable Gadgets of 2013 With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to have review of the best portable gadgets of 2013. The advancement of technology in the year 2013 can be defined by the evolution of wearable gadgets, portable tablets, flexible smartphones and great gaming consoles. The phones turned bigger with finer displays. The tablets turned [...]

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India’s Mars Probe

Launch of India’s Mars Probe India’s recent Mars space probe initiative has attracted a lot of world attention. India has joined the elite in space exploration with the launch of its Mars probe.  It has joined the ranks of the superpowers and is in competition with its neighbour, China. Congratulations India. The world needs more initiatives such as this.  More [...]

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