Venture Capital Fuels Our Modern Connected World

Let’s face it, at times the specifics behind a successful growing business can be boring. Not many people are excited about watching a business slowly build its way up year after year until it has a dominating presence in its industry. Granted, looking back on the stories of slow growing businesses  can be entertaining, but who wants to pay attention [...]

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Guinness world records

The Guinness World Records is considered to be the effective authority when it comes to the requirements for setting world records and deciding who should get those records. Because of its popularity in the last few years, it has become the main international organization to catalog and verify an overwhelming number of world records.   How are the world records [...]

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7 Lessons every traveler should learn

The way you travel is something very personal, but whether you prefer budget travel, luxurious resorts, city trips or two-week hiking trips, there are some lessons every traveler should learn.   1. However different, everyone’s the same When you are traveling the world you will often notice how different a culture can be from your own. The food might taste [...]

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This Week in Amazing: SONY’s Personal Hallucination Console

Welcome to the first instalment in a series of articles on Strong Whispers called “This Week in Amazing”! Each week we will explore fascinating concepts and developments in our ever-changing world. Feel free to share this info and if you would like to suggest something totally AMAZING, drop us a comment at the end of this article. We will be sure to [...]

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People are Hallucinating Without Drugs!

One thing that simply astounds me about the human brain is that even with all the years of research, scientists are still finding out new things about it every year. Hallucinations are described as perceiving something that isn’t actually in existence as reality and are commonly associated with either drug use or mental health issues. But hallucinations don’t have to [...]

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Elderly drivers – When to take the keys away

You know the day will come. Your parents know the day will come. But, even with wisdom, logic and experience on your side, the day you have to formally insist that you parents never drive again, is a sad and emotional milestone. AARP, the national senior citizens organization, reports that in year 2000, 10 percent of American drivers were 70 [...]

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Grade School Murderers: Kids that Kill

Kid Killers Go Beyond Crayon Graffiti Kids can be a real pain in the butt at times. Nobody is immune to passing through the mischievous stage that so many parents loathe. When we are younger and less educated on moral standards, the concept of misbehaving intrigues us. Because of this, many kids write on walls with crayons, break dishes, and [...]

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5 Companies that hire pensioners

Many pensioners decide to join the workforce once again because of personal and financial reasons. The number of employment options available to retirees is growing recently. There are a wide variety of companies in almost every industry that hire seniors today, from New York Life Insurance to McDonalds. The AARP's list of "Best Employers for Workers Over 50" for 2013 [...]

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Why Diets Don’t Work

Think about the huge variety of dietary trends that are floating around the world of health and fitness. Every day I check, there is some kind of crazy new diet that people are promoting for “Extreme Weight Loss” and “Crazy Six-Pack Abs”. In reality, most of these temporary diets fail to give you results because of physical and psychological reasons. [...]

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The Best Anime Shows and Movies For People Who Don’t Like Anime

Many people still have the perception that anime is liked primarily by children or, well, weirdoes. Seriously, be honest. We all remember in high school the kids who openly talked about anime were a little eccentric or odd. But like any entertainment medium, there are always going to be stereotypes and it’s going to take a little effort to find [...]

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