Fitness After My Heart Transplant

On November 2, 2009, I received the gift of life courtesy of a generous donor and the very accomplished heart transplant team at Tampa General Hospital. Last month, my four-year annual review was spectacularly smooth. My wonderfully new, 26-year old heart is about one-third the size of my diseased heart. Every day, I think about the courageous young male donor, [...]

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Three Superfoods You Should Be Eating

So what exactly is a superfood? Does it wear a cape and fight crime with laser vision? Not exactly, but that would be pretty awesome. Superfood is a term that nutritional experts made to classify foods that are loaded with health benefits. Each one is jam packed with nutritional benefits that encourage a healthy lifestyle and even yield potential medical [...]

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Marijuana vs Alcohol

Marijuana vs Alcohol: Who is the Real Killer? With the legalisation of marijuana for recreational use in states like Colorado, our societies are beginning to reevaluate the effects of the once taboo drug. Decades ago leaders like Ronald Regan pioneered efforts to eliminate all drug use. Since then, the “War on Drugs” has drained  a ton of money from the [...]

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Why do I do that? 5 Fascinating Facts About the Human Brain

Is it possible our memories aren't as reliable as we think? Is it possible that men and women think in entirely different ways? Many of life's misunderstandings could be avoided if we simply understood one thing—how our own brains work. Below, you will find the reasoning behind 5 fascinating behaviors, reactions, and misconceptions our brains engage in on a daily [...]

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Physical Fitness For A Longer, Brighter Life

It is almost impossible to read a newspaper or magazine and not come across an article about the many benefits of physical fitness. For the most part, they are all true. In the US, the country with the highest obesity rate in the world, fitness has moved center stage as millions of desk-bound Americans look to keep their minds and [...]

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Is the organic wool being pulled over our eyes?

With information flowing freely over the internet, an increasing number of people have been getting on the organic bandwagon. However, do we know what organic really means and if it is actually worth the hype? Let's find out. What does organic really mean? Organic produce is grown without using ionising radiation, genetic modification, sewage sludge or artificial fertilisers. Organic poultry, [...]

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PolyHeme: The New “Super Blood” Substitute

New “Super Blood” Taking the Medical Scene by Storm A new breakthrough in medical treatment in America is showing promising benefits when it comes to replacing blood. The scientists at Northfield Laboratories have developed an amazing new artificial blood substitute called PolyHeme. Since fresh blood is not always readily available, people in the health industry have searched tirelessly to find [...]

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Common Health Scams That Sabotage Success

Are Health Myths Holding You Back? Life before fast food chains and corporate employment was a lot easier on our overall health. It’s no wonder that each industrialized country is experiencing a rise in health issues like obesity and diabetes. Now that people are beginning to realize how much better a healthy and fit lifestyle is, we see a lot [...]

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Eight New Year’s Resolutions That Will Help You Live Longer, Happier and Healthier

The New Year is almost here and many of us will be making resolutions aimed at improving their lives for the upcoming year. As you step out of the old year and into the new one, here are eight New Year’s resolutions that will help you live longer, happier and healthier.    Drink More Water The phrase 'water is life' [...]

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The Terminator Diet

Lose To Live How to lose fat and start living again A weight management initiative with a difference – and its FREE Caution. Always seek medical advice before making lifestyle, exercise and food changes. There are hundreds of programs on the market on weight loss. Very few are successful (invariably the most expensive programs that only the rich and famous [...]

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