Dogs love their owners with selfless devotion and are always eager to please. Unfortunately, human beings are not capable of loving them back with the same selflessness. Often people bring home dogs to make them a part of their lives but are quick to abandon them without a thought when things are not right. Others bring dogs home only to mistreat them in the most heart-wrenching way. Countless shelters and dog lovers work night and day to rescue such abused dogs so they can get the love and the care they deserve. These are 5 of the most touching dog rescue stories that open our eyes to the cruelty human beings are capable of and the love that dogs still harbour in their hearts even after years of abuse:

5. Blind and unable to walk

Tessa was abandoned by her owners when she went blind. She was not just blind but was also unable to stand or walk. The rescue group found her hours before she was to be euthanized. This rescue story is a true example of what love and hope are capable of achieving.

4. Emerson’s Story

Neglected for years, Emerson was a terrified dog when the shelter rescued him. He also had multiple medical issues. Emerson’s story shows that shelter dogs are just as capable of loving life and human beings again even after years of abuse.

3. Chained for ten years

Judith’s story is the prime example of the sad situation of several dogs around the world. The owner kept Judith chained for ten years outdoors without a blanket, a toy and often without any water or food. Fortunately for Judith, there were two loving people in the world who opened their home to her and provided her the love she deserved.

2. Gaia and her puppies

Gaia was abandoned and left on her own in the middle of nowhere. She suffered from a serious leg injury after being hit by a car. This video shows how her three beautiful puppies were rescued. It is a beautiful story of how her puppies would get the chance of a loving home again, even if she did not.

1. Living in a trash pile

After being abandoned, Miley had been living in a trash pile for months. Her condition was heartbreaking. She was listless, riddled with infection and malnutrition. When she met Frankie, another rescue dog, they quickly became friends and helped each other on their journey of recovery.


Priyanka Trivedi

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