Kid Killers Go Beyond Crayon Graffiti

Kids can be a real pain in the butt at times. Nobody is immune to passing through the mischievous stage that so many parents loathe. When we are younger and less educated on moral standards, the concept of misbehaving intrigues us. Because of this, many kids write on walls with crayons, break dishes, and stay up late just because they are curious to the consequences and the thrills that come with misbehaving. But what about when kids are addicted to that feeling? And what about when crayon graffiti escalates into taking the lives of other people? You may be surprised to find that throughout history there have been many kids that kill who were convicted of murder before they could even get their drivers license.

Eric Smith – 13 Years Old

We often wonder about the negative effects bullying has on our children. In this case, it was one of the primary motivators behind the murder of a four year old boy by the name of Derrick Robie. Eric had a fairly healthy childhood with his family but was often teased by kids his age for his big glasses, large ears, red hair, and chubby appearance.

At a young age, a psychiatrist diagnosed Eric with intermittent explosive disorder, something that transformed him into a kid killer. This mental health issue makes children spontaneously burst out in furious fits with irrational decisions. After strangling the young boy, Eric proceeded to drop stones on his head and sexually assaulted him with a stick. He is currently serving a potential life sentence and has been denied parole a total of six times.

Graham Young – 14 Years Old

It’s a shame that some of the most brilliant minds are polluted with mental health disorders that turn them evil. Graham Young was an exceptionally intelligent 14 year old that had a long time fascination with chemistry and poison. He became a self-taught chemistry genius that had vast knowledge and skill when it came to conducting fatal concoctions.

He experimented by first poisoning people close to him and his stepmother was the first to die in 1962. After a teacher found poison, drawings of dead people, and information about infamous criminals in his desk he was exposed and locked up. After he was released in his early twenties, he continued to poison others until he was finally locked back up until he died.

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson – 10 Year Olds

These two kids that kill were the stereotypical mallrat troublemakers. They had developed a reputation for ditching school to raise hell at the local shopping mart. They started by stealing merchandise and misbehaving in stores until they were kicked out but gravitated towards more extreme measures. They had once planned to bring a small child outside and try and get it hit by a car but their plan was foiled.

When the mother of 2 year old James Bulgar left her child unattended for a few minutes one day, they succeeded. They took the boy two miles down a railroad track and proceeded to punch him, drop him on his head, hit him with rocks, sexually assault him, and whacking him with an iron bar before the train came and killed the poor child.

Jesse Pomeroy – 11 Years Old

Jesse was born in 1859 when it was much easier to get away with being a violent psycho. Growing up he had a bad reputation for beating on other children and frequently misbehaving. His most extreme acts began when he was 11 years old with the kidnapping of seven other kids. He would bound them up and torture them using sharp objects to stab into their skin.


After serving a brief stint in a reform school, he was released on good behavior and was thirsty for blood. He murdered Katie Curran, an innocent 10 year old, and hid her body in a basement. It is also suggested that he was linked to the mutilation of a small boy who was found decapitated in Dorhcester Bay. Jesse earned himself a life sentence in prison where they kept him isolated from other prisoners to prevent violent outbursts.

What do you think about these kids that kill? Does the concept of grade school murderers frighten you? Share your thoughts with a comment below!


Image Credits: oriontrail2/, WikiPedia