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10 Time Saving Gadgets You Shouldn’t Be Without

1. Livescribe 3 smartpen The pen that turns your physical notes into digital ones on the fly. It features handwriting recognition, so as you write on paper, you will see the mobile app write the same text on screen. Another nifty little feature is the audio record function. Your notes will be rich with material as you can replay your [...]

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5 most touching dog rescue stories

Dogs love their owners with selfless devotion and are always eager to please. Unfortunately, human beings are not capable of loving them back with the same selflessness. Often people bring home dogs to make them a part of their lives but are quick to abandon them without a thought when things are not right. Others bring dogs home only to [...]

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The Top Tweeters to Follow in 2014

The Wild World of Twitter Back in 2006 when Twitter was created it introduced a whole new way for people to use social media. It essentially took the concept of blog posting and smashed it together with Facebook. Users can easily subscribe to each other, share information, and stay up to date with their own personalized feeds. A Diverse Selection [...]

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Employment Creation: Work from home

Start a Career From Your Computer! For too long the hierarchical structure of the modern workplace has lead to people hating their jobs. We don’t want to be submissive, we don’t want to be treated unequally, and we most certainly don’t want to be fired for silly reasons. With the birth of the Internet a couple decades ago, the people [...]

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The Best Wearable Tech to Look for in 2014

Have Your Tech and Wear it Too The technology surrounding us is nothing short of astounding. This is especially true when you consider the fact that only a few hundred years ago a toilet that flushed was impressive. Competition amongst companies to have the most advanced technology is getting more intense with each passing year. In 2014, it looks like [...]

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Why do I do that? 5 Fascinating Facts About the Human Brain

Is it possible our memories aren't as reliable as we think? Is it possible that men and women think in entirely different ways? Many of life's misunderstandings could be avoided if we simply understood one thing—how our own brains work. Below, you will find the reasoning behind 5 fascinating behaviors, reactions, and misconceptions our brains engage in on a daily [...]

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5 Biggest Natural Disasters In Our Lifetime

Nature Can Be Cruel Sometimes the cruelest disasters our society can experience are the ones that occur naturally. Extreme weather conditions and the natural processes of our planet are unbiased towards humanity. They strike wherever and whenever, claiming thousands of victims every year. Things like floods, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes have been an issue for as long as the earth [...]

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10 Technology Failures of 2013

 2014 is here already and now we have the opportunity to look back at all the tech achievements of the year from a whole new perspective. Some would say that the year 2013 was marked by the great advancements in the field of technology. For some others, this year talks of failure. Our belief is in true cynicism and that’s [...]

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10 Weirdest myths and their truths

We're logical, realistic people who believe only in facts. Regardless of what we prefer to believe, there are countless myths that we've believed in over the years that have no logical or scientific proof backing it up. These are some of the weirdest myths we've believed in and the truth behind them: 10. Hair and fingernails grow even after death.   [...]

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3 Amazing People That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

People for a Better Tomorrow As we frequently discuss on this site, the society we live in is changing at an unbelievable rate. We have seen a lot of good changes but unfortunately have had to live with tragic ones as well. Fighting is happening around the world as citizens clash in ideology with their governments. The rich are getting [...]

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