Having More Fun With Rental Cars

When the concept of automobiles were first popularised in the late 1800s, they were considered more of an expensive luxury than anything. Eventually the designs became more practical, efficient, and affordable for the public. When Ford released his model T in 1908 average families were finally given the option to purchase a vehicle. Since then, there have been incredible developments [...]

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Black market organ donors

Although the tissue and organ donation market in the U.S. is highly regulated, black market dealings are not unheard of. Black market organ donation is illegal in most countries, including the United States. However, this does not change the reality. In fact, the World Health Organisation says that an organ is sold every hour and fears that the situation may [...]

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Jogging – a yellow line to nowhere!

I have jogged for many years. Like many other sports and recreational activities, there are inherent hazards. A biker’s nightmare is getting run over by a bus, or a skier’s, crushing into a rock.  My worst nightmare is clipping. I use the term ‘clipping’ to describe the many falls and tumbles that I have taken over the years whilst jogging. [...]

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Sex, Violence, and Racism in Banned Cartoons

For a long time the Warner Bros animation company has been regarded as a reliable form of quality entertainment for children. The subsidiary of Time Warner is responsible for timeless classics like Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes. What many people don’t know is that the company's legacy isn’t as innocent as Bugs Bunny gnawing on a carrot. Back in the [...]

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Heart Transplantation, Fitness And Diabetes

One of the unfortunate possibilities of heart transplantation is becoming a steroid induced diabetic. As a Type II diabetic, lifestyle change is mandatory. And, we are not just talking about diet change. My post-transplant diabetes aggressively attacked my nervous system and my muscle system, two pretty unnerving consequences. Since the transplant, I have gained great sympathy for persons who live [...]

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Fact or Fiction: Are Anti-Ageing Treatments Worth the Fuss?

In our society, the media plays a huge role in cultural development. It shapes the stereotypical expectation for the masses through advertising, entertainment, and any other relevant industry  in pop culture. One negative side effect of this is the degradation of self-confidence. The population is being fed the altered images of celebrities and consequently they develop a distorted idea of [...]

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How to Cure the January Blues

With such great highs at the end of each year it is no wonder that people go through such depressing lows at the beginning of the next one. Coming out of the holiday season and New Years, a lot of people experience a big shift in emotions during January. After the excitement boils down we are left to consider the [...]

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Restoring the Great British Pub

Drinking alcohol socially has been a worldwide tradition since humans first discovered fermentation. Many cultures have a drink of choice, and in the United Kingdom, it’s beer. Though friends can hoist a few brews anywhere, the drinking establishment of the Brits is the Public House, more commonly called the “pub.” As millions of beers were swallowed, pubs eventually came to [...]

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3 Amazing New Uses for Airbag Technology

The airbag is a safety device that can be held accountable for saving thousands of lives. Since it was announced for commercial use in automobiles in the 1970s, safety experts have continually worked on improving the design and functionality of the bags. Now they come standard in nearly every single car on the road. The following airbags go beyond the [...]

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The lies about Global warming

Over the last century, humankind has had to deal with several natural disaster scares, from population explosion and global starvation to depleting natural resources and Ice Age. However, nothing has been able to consume our attention as much as global warming. What scientists are telling us about global warming An increase of one or more degrees Celsius in one or [...]

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