How do you know if you are an entrepreneur?

The popular approach to this subject is the 10 most important…….. or the 5 must haves….. or the 8 most effective….. and so on.  These are often hard concepts and sometimes difficult to relate to and at the end of the day, even confusing. There is only one key driver that determines if you are an entrepreneur or not: “YOU [...]

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Finger Licking Good…

..or is it a health hazard? So now that we have got your attention with the seductive featured image, (like all those annoying youtube thumbnails)... don't worry, we think it may still be worth your while! Have you ever noticed that David Letterman is a classic finger licker.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan, but I am always [...]

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Why You Should Start Saving For Christmas Now

We’ve all done it before. Putting something off until last minute and paid the price for it. Figuring out you were ill prepared for something can be a real bummer, especially when it has to deal with the holidays. It is a time for cheer, family bonding, and the gift of giving. If you aren’t prepared for it though you [...]

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Sexism and Women in Gaming

The depiction of women in video games and the issue of sexism within the gaming industry is certainly not a new topic, but it is always in need of being addressed. It has been over a year and a half since Anita Sarkeesian first posted her Kickstarter for Tropes vs Women in Video Games, with the community responding with nothing [...]

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Could You Become a Victim of Food Contamination?

You might think that since we’ve come such a long way with processing food consistently and keeping hunger away that the things we eat are completely reliable. The problem with our expanding population is that food needs to be processed on a much larger scale, making it difficult to carefully monitor everything that is shipped out to our food markets. [...]

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5 Most Successful Money Launderers in History

It’s hard for someone to build a profitable criminal empire these days without having a way to conceal their earnings. When you start collecting hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars without a good explanation, the government begins to voice their concern. It’s this problem that lead to the birth of money laundering. The Most Successful Money Launderers in History [...]

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Memoirs of a Time Lapse Photographer

Documenting our lives has become a part of who we are as people. When we walk down the street and see something that sparks our interest, we take a quick photograph and automatically decide which social media it should be shared with. That moment means something to us, however, the process of capturing time becomes unappreciated and undervalued. Sometimes we [...]

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3 Myths About Catching Lies

One of life's curious truths is that no one appreciates being lied to, yet everyone engages in the activity. In fact, some research suggests we may be lied to as many as 200 times a day. Strangely, even with so many opportunities for lie catching, the average person detects lies with only 54% accuracy--scarcely better than chance. Thus, most liars [...]

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Marijuana vs Alcohol

Marijuana vs Alcohol: Who is the Real Killer? With the legalisation of marijuana for recreational use in states like Colorado, our societies are beginning to reevaluate the effects of the once taboo drug. Decades ago leaders like Ronald Regan pioneered efforts to eliminate all drug use. Since then, the “War on Drugs” has drained  a ton of money from the [...]

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Counterfeit Goods Holding Our Well-being Hostage

Cheaper Goods, But At What Cost? The counterfeiting industry is a growing issue that effects human society on a global scale. It has managed to weave its way into almost every industry and continues to thrive, putting our safety and best interests in jeopardy. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimated that in only one year, counterfeited products rake [...]

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