People are Hallucinating Without Drugs!

One thing that simply astounds me about the human brain is that even with all the years of research, scientists are still finding out new things about it every year. Hallucinations are described as perceiving something that isn’t actually in existence as reality and are commonly associated with either drug use or mental health issues. But hallucinations don’t have to [...]

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Grade School Murderers: Kids that Kill

Kid Killers Go Beyond Crayon Graffiti Kids can be a real pain in the butt at times. Nobody is immune to passing through the mischievous stage that so many parents loathe. When we are younger and less educated on moral standards, the concept of misbehaving intrigues us. Because of this, many kids write on walls with crayons, break dishes, and [...]

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A tribute to these Medal of Honor Recipients

The prestigious Medal of Honor has been awarded by the President of United States to over 3,400 recipients. Some of the bravest and the most selfless Coast Guardsmen, Marines, Airmen, Sailors and Soldiers receive this decoration to pay tribute to their acts of heroism and bravery. All soldiers deserve our respect and honor because they do what most of us [...]

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5 of James Randi’s Biggest Debunkings

Our cultures love and fear the unknown. Mystical magic tricks and supernatural phenomena give us both sparks of enjoyment and skepticism. You might think that magicians and illusionists are the pioneers for misguiding the public with trickery. James Randi stands in blatant contrast to that stereotype. James is very popular for his career as an escape artist and a performing [...]

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Dolphins Slaughtered!

WARNING: This article contains graphic content in regards to the slaughtering of dolphins in Japan. It may be unsettling news to some, but it deserves more media attention than it is receiving. Ever since humans could see dolphins curving up out of the water we have had an obsession with the animals. Their majestic and peaceful nature made them loveable [...]

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The Downfall of Bieber: When Child Stars Go Bad

At one time they stood as cultural icons. They cultivated a huge following of children and adults alike who reveled at their success. But why do we see some of the most successful child stars fall down a slippery slope after maturing? Macaulay Culkin Remember that adorable little kid that played the role of Kevin in the Home Alone movies? [...]

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Why women make better leaders

Most political leaders, CEOs and other powerful positions in companies are held by men. Yet, time and again it has been claimed that women are better leaders than men. The few powerful women that we've seen in our society are perceived to be lonely, emotional, tough and icy. These perceptions convey the general thoughts and anxieties we have about women [...]

Jogging – a yellow line to nowhere!

I have jogged for many years. Like many other sports and recreational activities, there are inherent hazards. A biker’s nightmare is getting run over by a bus, or a skier’s, crushing into a rock.  My worst nightmare is clipping. I use the term ‘clipping’ to describe the many falls and tumbles that I have taken over the years whilst jogging. [...]

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Sex, Violence, and Racism in Banned Cartoons

For a long time the Warner Bros animation company has been regarded as a reliable form of quality entertainment for children. The subsidiary of Time Warner is responsible for timeless classics like Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes. What many people don’t know is that the company's legacy isn’t as innocent as Bugs Bunny gnawing on a carrot. Back in the [...]

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Restoring the Great British Pub

Drinking alcohol socially has been a worldwide tradition since humans first discovered fermentation. Many cultures have a drink of choice, and in the United Kingdom, it’s beer. Though friends can hoist a few brews anywhere, the drinking establishment of the Brits is the Public House, more commonly called the “pub.” As millions of beers were swallowed, pubs eventually came to [...]

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