Awards Season: Sex Sells

The days of graceful and elegant celebrities like Marylyn Monroe and Gene Kelly are long gone. Also gone are the days when song lyrics were meaningful and a reflection of beautiful emotions. We've ushered in the age of Britney Spears in a transparent body suit, celebrities posing nude on magazine covers, Lady Gaga's outrageous dressing sense and, of course, a [...]

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The Top Tweeters to Follow in 2014

The Wild World of Twitter Back in 2006 when Twitter was created it introduced a whole new way for people to use social media. It essentially took the concept of blog posting and smashed it together with Facebook. Users can easily subscribe to each other, share information, and stay up to date with their own personalized feeds. A Diverse Selection [...]

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Puppy Mills – Why we need to adopt dogs from shelters instead of supporting puppy mills

Getting a puppy is perhaps one of the most exciting things in a child's or even an adult's life. However, before you head out the door to purchase a puppy from a pet store, take the time to know and understand the truth behind these cute puppies. Puppy Mills- Behind the Scenes   When you come across an advertisement of [...]

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The decline of Mummyji

Mother-in-law, 'Saas', 'Mummyji'; regardless of what you call her, there's no denying that the mum-in-law always had a vital role in the Indian family dynamics. Flip to any Indian channel on the television and you'll come across a soap opera that replays a version of the age old story of the battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. But the tide is [...]

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12 Years a Slave, Are We Still Slaves?

A Realization Through Film Since its release in November of 2013, the film 12 Years a Slave has wowed the critics and raised the bar for slavery movies. Django was great, but it felt more like an action packed glorification of slavery rather than a historical account. Steve McQueen did an awesome job directing the tale of Solomon Northup, a [...]

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10 Weirdest myths and their truths

We're logical, realistic people who believe only in facts. Regardless of what we prefer to believe, there are countless myths that we've believed in over the years that have no logical or scientific proof backing it up. These are some of the weirdest myths we've believed in and the truth behind them: 10. Hair and fingernails grow even after death.   [...]

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Secret Societies and Their Cultural Impact

Successful Secret Societies Throughout history there have been multiple secret societies that have formed around the world. Most of them keep their meetings, members, and policies hidden from anyone that isn’t involved in them. This article lists a few that have recruited many famous members and hold an important role in society. Since not much is known about them, people [...]

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Get rich quick schemes – Don’t buy in to it

The lure of making money quickly without putting in much work is hard to resist when there are so many businesses that promise to help you do just that. Although there are several ways in which you can make a good amount of money quickly, there will definitely be a higher financial risk involved. For example, you can get rich [...]

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Top 10 holiday destinations relatively untouched by commercialisation

With a population of around 7 billion, finding a holiday destination that is relatively pristine, untouched and unspoiled is not an easy task. While civilisation can be found in almost every little corner of the world, there are still a few places left that are still untouched by commercialisation. 10. Corn Island, Nicaragua Corn Island in Nicaragua is a lush [...]

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Tourists Flocking To Cuba

The Caribbean’s largest island, the Republic of Cuba, has initiated a number of far reaching economic reforms designed to improve the country’s economy and appeal to international travellers. Tourists are responding with enthusiasm to the spectacular weather, the vibrant Cuban culture and an economy on the mend. Through November, 2,546,851 foreign tourists had visited Cube in 2013. In November 234,266 [...]

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