The Wild World of Twitter

Back in 2006 when Twitter was created it introduced a whole new way for people to use social media. It essentially took the concept of blog posting and smashed it together with Facebook. Users can easily subscribe to each other, share information, and stay up to date with their own personalized feeds.


A Diverse Selection

One of the reasons millions of people continue to flock to twitter every year is the diversity of information that flows through it. You can strike your funny bone with comedians, see daily updates from your favourite celebrities, get tweets with sports updates, and much more. If you are new to Twitter or just want to spice up your feed a little this list contains 10 of the best tweeters to follow.

1.    Twitter – @Twitter

This one may seem a tad bit obvious but if you haven’t already, try following Twitter. They will commonly tweet useful information about the site to users including tips, news, and important updates. Another plus is that they don’t over-tweet.

2.    CNN Breaking News – @cnnbrk

If you want to get only the most pressing news stories sent you your feed this is the right account to follow. They tweet updates including text, picture, and video about the most important current events.

3.    Jim Carrey

If you love the way this actor portrays eccentric and vivid characters in his film, just wait until you see his tweets! He goes beyond his funnyman roots and shows an impressive amount of spiritual content as well. Not to mention he will commonly interact with fans too!

4.    Conan O’Brien – @ConanOBrien

This late night talk show host is perfect to follow if you have an itchy funny bone. He posts hilarious tweets that are bound to get a few giggles out of you as you scroll down your feed.

5.    Smosh – @smosh

This YouTube comedy duo based out of California have made it a long way since making low quality videos in their bedroom. Now they have a ton of funny and interesting list articles that they tweet on a daily basis.

6.    Vsauce – @tweetsauce

This account began as a YouTube channel that gave impressively diverse and incredibly interesting information. Now he has expanded his influence to Twitter where he shares some really awesome stuff about science, technology, and current events with his followers.

7.    Your favourite sports team (Look them up)

This one is a bit broad so you’ll have to find the account name by typing in the professional sports team you like in the search bar. Almost every single sports team in the world now has a Twitter account that can keep fans updated with the latest news and scores.

8.    OMG Facts – @OMGFacts

This account is one of the top tweeters to follow for interesting information. It may be random but the stuff they post is truthful and interesting tidbits about human culture around the world.

9.    Forbes Tech News – @ForbesTech

Forbes magazine is well known for being a credible source of information covering a large amount of subjects. Their tech news channel gives you the latest news regarding the amazing technology being released.

10. Goodreads – @goodreads

If you are someone that likes to read this account is one of the top tweeters to follow. They regularly tweet unbiased recommendations of literature based off of the current trends in the writing market.


Get Tweeting!

There you have it, Strong Whisper’s list of top tweeters to follow. With these accounts in your Twitter feed you’ll have a more steady flow of useful and entertaining information at your disposal. Don’t forget to follow @saintpee if you want to receive information on some of the latest posts on this site!


Adam St. Pierre


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